- news - Jags favored over Bills in Wild Card game Sunday

Jags favored over Bills in Wild Card game Sunday

Jags favored over Bills in Wild Card game Sunday

In light of this weekend’s NFL Wild Card matchup between Jacksonville and Buffalo, it’s time to drag out the old saw about hindsight having 20:20 vision and burn it to cinders.

I don’t care what anybody says: nobody predicted that the Jaguars would be anything other than dirt-tier during the 2017-2018 campaign (much the same as early predictions about the Bills, for that matter). What’s more, nobody could have predicted that two of what were supposedly among the worst teams in the league would be set to play each other on the afternoon Sunday, Jan. 7, for an NFL Playoffs berth. And yet, here we are, about to witness what could be one of the most entertaining showdowns of 2017-2018 between two teams that, by rights, didn’t show much promise before the onset of the season.

Jacksonville is favored, and heavily so, to win this momentous meeting, with bookies at the leading offshore sportsbook site Bovada assigning the Jags odds of -400 to come out on top against the Bills, which have odds of +300 to win. The point spread available on the game is set at 9 points, and the Jaguars have odds of -105 to cover the spread, but Buffalo has odds of -115 to either win or lose by less than 9 points, so the whole thing may be too close to call from a betting perspective. No matter what, the total combined score in the game, which is predicted to come in at 39 point, is not likely to be reached, with Bovada listing equal odds of -110 on both sides of the over under.

The point is, statistically nobody can call or did call that Jacksonville Vs. Buffalo would happen in the first place. How could they? The Jags’ 31-24 preseason victory over the Patriots – the odds-on favorite to win the Super Bowl and further cement an unassailable legacy as the best football team of the last two decades – seemed to be little more than an aberration, and besides, nobody really thinks preseason games mean much anyhow.

The season started off slow, with Jacksonville falling 12-8 to the almost laughably bad 5-11 Tampa Bay Buccaneers and then falling by a humiliating 24-23 margin to the Carolina Panthers through the end of August, 2017. Real life looked to be living up to the abysmally low Vegas odds on Jacksonville. Then, almost inexplicably, the Jaguars started winning – and they started winning big, putting up Ws on the Atlanta Falcons, Houston Texans, Baltimore Ravens, Indianapolis Colts, Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns and so on.

In fairness, those victories were over some bad teams and even if they were also interspersed with a few tough losses like the 37-16 defeat on Sept. 17, 2017, or a 27-17 loss to the Los Angeles Rams on Oct. 15. The fact remains, however, that it was nearly inconceivable for Jacksonville to have amassed a 10-6 overall record and a shot at getting into the NFL Playoffs. Smart bettors and sports fans in general have a lot to look forward to going into this weekend’s Jags/Bills game, so anybody looking to get in on the action should not hesitate to get started betting on Jacksonville while the odds are so good.

Who knows? Next week we could be talking about the Jags having a legitimate chance of upsetting the Playoffs bracket. LegalGamblingUSA is not saying I told you so, but we may be telling you so by the time next Sunday rolls around.