Legal Gambling USA - Intertops Review

Intertops Review

One of the most famous sports betting websites is the Intertops sportsbook. They have been operating for over a decade, delivering some of the best gambling on the Internet since 1996. Their betting site is fairly complete, offering players favorable odds, a robust betting card, and more than a handful of different bonuses, promotions and funding methods. We have looked into all of the aspects of this sportsbook in order to figure out what they have to offer, and you will undoubtedly be using some of the hottest odds to ever be added into an online sportsbook.

Is It Safe To Gamble & Wager On Sports At Intertops?

From a legal standpoint, Intertops operates within the right side of the law. They have been legally licensed to operate as one of the legit online sportsbooks. They do not rip their players off, and they do not violate any laws within their licensed jurisdictions. The only risk of playing with this, one of the safe online sportsbooks, is the assumed risk that comes along with gambling in general. We can say, however, that you will want to make sure the laws of your state are not currently imposing a ban against online gambling.

Intertops Gambling Bonuses

Intertops is no stranger to bonuses. If you are going to gamble with them, you may as well know that free money is readily available to build your bankroll. They have gone as far as to offer a choice between one of two bonuses - a free $20 bet or a 25% match to $100 your first deposit. The free $20 bet comes with a higher rollover rate, but you do not have to deposit as much to take full advantage of it. This is great for people who deposit less than $100. If you deposit $100 or more, you are definitely going to want the 25% match. Reload bonuses are also frequently distributed, so you will be able to add in extra cash periodically as time goes on.


25% Match To $100

BONUS Amount - Bonus Code Get Bonus
Sportsbook Bonus #1 25% Match To $100
Sportsbook Bonus #2 Free $20 Bet

Other Features Found At Intertops

Every sportsbook has a number of different features that make them a top choice for gaming, and Intertops is no different. Intertops has given their users a robust betting card, which calculates odds and payouts very simply. Intertops has also integrated betting trends, so you can see where every Intertops bettor is placing their money. You will also find that Intertops boasts one of the easiest possible mobile betting sites. If you are trying to wager on your phone's web browser, you will see that their mobile site simplifies the betting card while not sacrificing functionality. This is one of the main features we have highlighted through Intertops.

Ways To Bet On Sports At Intertops

Betting types through Intertops are fairly diverse, offering a number of different options. If you decide to join up with Intertops, your bets can be made in a variety of methods. They have the common straight wagers of course, which include the money line, the spread and the total score. You can add an extra layer of fun to the whole affair by using parlays, and even turning to pleasers and teasers for point buying and selling. Intertops has also given their users access to if bets, offering a way to make some big money off of simple wagers.

Sports To Bet On At Intertops

In order to be as complete as possible, Intertops provides a large number of sports for your betting. They cover a majority of sports, ranging from professional sports to amateur and collegiate sports, with team and individual sports alike. Sports from all over the world have been included in Intertops, making them one of the most complete options you will have available. The NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NASCAR, MMA, tennis, soccer(football), rugby, poker, politics and entertainment make up all of the sports they have available for betting. Intertops provides one of the most complete books and we can assure you that the odds are generally superior to what most other sportsbooks boast.

Deposit Methods Accepted At Intertops

Funding your account through Intertpos is a fairly easy task. They have not made it that difficult for you to actually fund your account, though deposit methods are somewhat limited right now. For now you have only the ability to fund your account with credit cards, such as VISA, MasterCard and American Express. You also have the option of loading your account by way of a wire transfer, but these can take a little longer to process. We ultimately recommend you stick to credit cards, as these are the fastest and easiest way for you to load your account. There are currently no e-wallets that can be used to fund your account through Intertops.

Intertops Customer Support

Should you ever need help, know that Intertops has 24 hour customer support. Their customer support staff is waiting on hand 24 hours a day and they can be contacted by way of a phone call or through e-mail. The e-mail is best for complex problems, such as technical or financial issues, while the phone line is better for quick problems with presumably easy solutions.