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Legal Online Gambling For Illinois Residents

The Illinois legislature has caused a few problems for online gamblers, as they have obfuscated the reality of the legalities of online gambling in Illinois. We want to help our readers find the truth about online gambling, and we can tell you that there are many options available. If you decide that online gambling is something you are interested in, you definitely want to look at the laws regarding the games in Illinois, as they could potentially cause you some trouble that you would rather not deal with.

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Online Gambling Age For Illinois Residents

Illinois gamblers will find that there are age limits on every form of gambling. If you are 18, you can begin participating in a few styles of play. First off, bingo games, the lottery, horse and dog race betting, online bingo and online poker can all be enjoyed. For those who are 21, the rest of the options become available. Land casinos, online casinos, online poker and online sports betting are also available.

Illinois Online Gambling Laws

Unlike almost every state in the Union, Illinois actually has laws that mention online gambling. If you live in the state of Illinois, you will find that there is something of a ban imposed on online gambling. The law simply says that anyone who "knowingly establishes, maintains or operates an Internet site that permits a person to play a game of chance or skill for money or other thing of value by means of the Internet or to make a wager on the result of any game, contest, political nomination, appointment or election by means of the Internet," is violating the law.

While this makes it seem like only those who actually host a gambling site are subject to punishment under the law, it may just be those who are operating this site that are subject to punitive action.

Also, it is worth noting that Illinois previously had laws that permitted residents to bet on horse races online. The important word there is "previously" because at this very moment, it is not legal to do so. But, it's not all bad news...

As of May 26th, 2013, the Illinois House of Representatives started putting plans in place to re-regulate the industry after seeing the potential revenue being lost by not having it. Stay tuned for further updates as this bill begins to go through the Illinois Senate and to the Governor.

Gambling Sites That Accept Illinois Residents

Despite the murky legal climate in the state of Illinois, there are plenty of online gambling sites that accept Illinois residents. We are here to share information, and this is part of the information that we want to share. While we cannot assure you this is legal, and we do not recommend you partake if it is illegal, we will show you where you can join to play.

Bovada: More People Bet With Bovada Than Any Other Book

Some say that the town of Superman is Metropolis in southern Illinois, and that means that the people in this state know a super good site when they see one. Bovada is the best overall gambling site in Illinois. This site has many different things to offer, including complete sportsbooks for making wagers, poker rooms with weekly tournaments, and lots of fun casino games. This sportsbooks have full listings for NFL, NCAA, MLB, and NBA leagues. In addition, the sportsbooks feature fun betting like propositional and futures. Fly on over to the website and take a leap into signing up, it’s quick and easy. Best of all, you won’t find any villains there.

Bovada offers all of its heroes great bonuses with no strings attached. It’s free for all players over the age of 21, and Bovada offers the greatest lines and odds for all its sportsbooks. Not even kryptonite could stop its players from making their fortunes, all from the comfort of their own personal fortress of solitudes. You won’t need X-Ray vision for these books, the layouts of all Bovada’s sportsbooks are easy to read and understand. The large amount of lines will give everyone a chance at betting on their own favorites. Join us at for an experience unlike any order, spandex wearers are always welcome. Go To Bovada!

SportsBetting: Bet On The Bears While The Game Is Going

Don’t drive through, just log in to the best overall gambling site in Illinois, SportsBetting. While the people of Des Plaines, Illinois invented the hamburger, SportsBetting invented the best website to get more lines and odds on the internet. You can expect your membership to come fully loaded with all the sides, right when you sign up. SportsBetting offers its members a free super-size on all its deposits with a large 50% first deposit bonus. This site offers a full menu of casino games, sportsbooks, and online poker. Signing up is always free and depositing is fast and easy. SportsBetting is a site for everyone of legal gambling age in all fifty states and gives players a safe and legal option to bet and play online.

SportsBetting has extensive rewards for its new and returning players. It’s easy to sign up, just simply click the join now button on the main page where you’ll be redirected into signing up for your account. Once you enter your information, check your email for the automatic confirmation. Logging in and making your first deposit is easier than flipping hamburgers and can be made on a hamburger flipper salary. The minimum amounts are low with credit card deposits and there is something for even the most casual bettor. Enjoy everything that SportsBetting has and turn yourself into a big mac with their high payouts and great odds. Go To SportsBetting!

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Online Casinos That Accept Illinois Residents

Residents of Illinois will have access to a number of different casinos, and these have proven to be some of the better options for gambling on the market. If you are going to play these games, we recommend that you stick only to the best and most trusted options around. These casinos are limitless in terms of possibilities, and safety is guaranteed.

Lucky Red

A great online casino for Illinois residents is Lucky Red Casino. Within the casino, players will find a wide selection of great games to take advantage of, with slots, table games and more available. A great bonus of up to $4,000 is available on first deposits, using the bonus code LUCKYRED400.

Online Sports Betting Sites That Accept Illinois Residents

Want to hit the odds on sports? If so, you have found your options on this site. We are going to share you with the best and most trusted sports betting sites, and each of these will allow you to hit lines from all over the world. If you are going to play through these sportsbooks, you could very easily make a living.


Illinois players will have a great time at Bovada Sportsbook, able to wager on all of their favorite sports and teams. Bet on the Bears to win the Super Bowl or the Cub to win the World Series. Ok, so more likely the White Sox. But regardless, Illinois players can wager on whatever they want. A first-deposit bonus of 50 percent up to $250 on the first deposit.

Online Poker Sites That Accept Illinois Residents

Online poker rooms are easily the most desired form of online gambling, but also one of the harder to locate. We have done what we can to bring our readers a list of the best possible poker rooms, and these are the rooms you will want to stick to if you are going to play the games online.


Bovada poker is a great online room to join if you are a player from Illinois. These players in the state are accepted and welcome at Bovada. Illinois players can enjoy up to a $1,00 bonus on a first time deposit into the site, and enjoy a ton of great games.

Online Bingo Sites That Accept Illinois Players

Bingo players are another set of gamers who can find their style of play online. If you want to hit the cards from your home, you will be able to easily do so with the different bingo sites we have found. While not that many bingo halls still operate, you should have very little trouble finding an appropriate agent for your gaming. We only allow the most trusted of all gambling sites, and we can tell you that these bingo halls are no different.

Is Online Gambling Legal In Illinois?

With the aforementioned information, it is difficult to come to a conclusive decision over whether or not online gambling is legal in Illinois. With the laws as mystifying as they are, we, being laymen in terms of the law, cannot actually make an adequate determination over whether or not this is legal. What we can say is that we have not heard of an arrest over online gambling, so it is likely that you are not going to have to worry about indictment for gambling. We do not condone breaking the law however, so make sure to contact an attorney before you make any form of decision.

Are Online Casinos Legal In Illinois?

Tough question. If gambling on the Internet is legal, then online casinos are also illegal. We are not going to sit here and tell you that this is totally true, but we can tell you that gambling online may be a risk. You are unlikely to ever be arrested, but breaking the law is unacceptable in our eyes.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal In Illinois?

This is another relative unknown. While we do have the text of the law at our disposal, we cannot actually say whether or not the games are legal or illegal. We recommend consulting your attorney or a paid legal professional before you engage in online sports betting if you are worried about getting in trouble with the law.

Article: Is online sports betting legal in the USA?

Are Sportsbooks Safe In Illinois For Online Wagering?

While there is cloudiness over the legality of sports betting in the state, Illinois residents really need not worry about whether they're going to get into trouble for betting sports online. This is because there are way too many people that do it and to try to catch each person would be insane. Rather, Illinois is sure to focus it's efforts on the catching those who provide gambling opportunities to it's residents, whether it be online or in real life. That guy you know that puts $20 on every Bears and Bulls game doesn't get in trouble does he? And, neither do the thousands of other Illinois residents that wager online too. Plus, using the sportsbooks for Illinois players that we have listed on this page guarantees that you are wagering with an establishment that isn't located in Illinois or even the United States. These sites are out of the reach of the government and absolutely will not disclose any of your personal information.

Is Online Poker Legal In Illinois?

Poker players who live in Illinois have many options available, but the sad truth is that it may be a crime to hit the felts in Illinois. The legislature specifically mentioned games of skill in the text of the law, which is why these games may be illegal.

Will I go to jail for online gambling in Illinois?

While we have never heard of an arrest taking place in Illinois over online gambling, we cannot be 100% sure over whether or not you are completely free from arrest in Illinois. Residents who want to take the risk may, but we cannot guarantee that you will be able to play without total safety from arrest. We recommend you speak with a trial attorney before you begin to play.