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Legal Online Gambling For New Mexico Residents

You have full access to New Mexico gambling sites, as nothing has been done to restrict online wagering. Legal gambling in NM is fairly easy to understand, as there has been little effort by the legislature to actually prohibit this form of gambling. In addition to showing you a brief description of the various laws related to online gambling in New Mexico, we are also going to show you where you can gamble without any trouble. Provided you follow our advice, your whole experience should be significantly better, perhaps with more winnings than you had previously anticipated.

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Online Gambling Age For New Mexico Residents

Before you start trying to gamble, you want to make sure you adhere to the law's age requirements. For anything outside of the lottery, bingo, and horse racing, you have to be 21. This includes all forms of casino gaming and poker in the state (and, once sports betting is formally legalized in NM, that will likely have an age minimum of 21 as well). However, if you opt to use online, offshore casino sites and sports betting services, you will only have to be 18 in order to sign up and enjoy all the legal gambling these destinations have to offer.

That said, if you gamble underage at these sites (i.e. under the age of 18), you will be permanently banned and will have all of your deposited money – and unpaid winnings – confiscated. Always read the terms of service!

New Mexico Online Gambling Laws

When it comes to the law, there are no statutes directly related to online gambling in the state of New Mexico. More specifically, there is no specific law banning online gambling. There is the standard set of laws pertaining to gambling options, and there is also some debate over whether or not these existing laws have anything to do with online gambling, even if it is not explicitly mentioned.

For more information about the state’s laws, check out the New Mexico Statutes (Section 30-19.2 “Gambling,” which you can search for at the state’s website here). As you can plainly see, provided that you use offshore gambling sites that operate outside of NM and US jurisdiction, you will not be breaking any laws at all when you gamble over the Internet.

Gambling Sites That Accept New Mexico Residents

In our search, we have found there are many legal gambling sites that accept New Mexico Residents, and we are here to show you only the best of the bunch, as they promise to be the most enjoyable and safest options for our readers. If you are looking for a trusted and secure gambling site, then we can only recommend that you visit the sites we have listed here. New Mexico bettors will be thrilled with their betting options for 2024.

Bovada: A Better Gambling Option Than Traveling To Vegas

The city of Cimarron, located in New Mexico, was once known as the “cowboy capital of the world.” Kit Carson and “Buffalo” Bill Cody lived in Cimarron. At one time, the Las Vegas Gazette wrote, “Everything is quiet in Cimarron. Nobody has been killed in three days.” The only people killing it in New Mexico these days are the players at Bovada – the best overall gambling site for NM residents.

If you love the old west’s style, then you will love Bovada – a perfect blend of cosmopolitan glamor and country “honky-tonk.” You don’t have to be an outlaw to be a bettor at Bovada either, because this site is legal and wears its law dog badge proudly. Cowboys and cowgirls from all over the US corral themselves at Bovada, and you don’t need a pickaxe to hit the veins in this gold mine.

Bovada’s competitors are balderdash! They are hoppin’ mad over the bang-up job Bovada does at giving loyal bettors valuable perks and rewards. Most other sites are just bootlickers, going for the ol’ hook-and-crook, or any way possible to get you to join their subpar. But not Bovada. Bovada’s ace-high reputation and testimonials speak for themselves. No one offers the special features, bonuses, or rewards that Bovada does. For new members, joining Bovada is free and only takes minutes. First-time users can also claim a $250 welcome bonus to use in Bovada’s sportsbook. Of course, there are bonuses available for Bovada’s casino, their live poker rooms, and the racebook, as well. Test out Bovada, and see for yourself why it’s number one. Go To Bovada!

Is Bovada Legal In New Mexico?

Yes, it is legal to use Bovada in New Mexico. This is because the legal gambling sites is regulated overseas. You are not breaking any New Mexico laws by using the trusted gambling platform.


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In 1945, the first atomic bomb was detonated at the White Sands Testing Range near Alamogordo in New Mexico. Without going down the “hills have eyes” route, let’s just say that the atomic bomb was a significant scientific and technological breakthrough. New Mexico seems to be the leader in explosive technologies, like SportsBetting – one of the most advanced and robust gambling sites in the state. SportsBetting isn’t just a leader at betting sites in New Mexico, though – it’s also among the industry leaders across the entire US! SportsBetting has proven that it is a legally established, and trusted gaming community, and it operates legally out of Panama City, Panama.

When you sign up for SportsBetting and make your first deposit, you can give your account an added boost with the site’s 50% welcome bonus. All you have to do is enter in the promo code (which you’ll find at SportsBetting itself) and immediately enjoy up to $1000 in free-play perks for the sportsbook. Who doesn’t like free money? The special offers and promotions don’t stop there either – once a member at SportsBetting, you can take advantage of their 25% reload bonus that can add up to $1000 to each qualifying deposit for the life of your account. As with the welcome bonus, all you have to do is enter in the promo code listed on the promotions page. Promotions have different terms, limits, and rules to be aware of, of course, so make sure you understand these before opting in. Check out SportsBetting today to get these explosive specials! Go To SportsBetting!


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Online Casinos That Accept New Mexico Residents

Online casinos that are legal are available in New Mexico, but none of them carry state approval. The casinos available in New Mexico are located offshore, and are able to function by virtue of that offshore location. This means that gamblers in New Mexico can visit the online casinos that are located outside of the state, and use them without worry. Various online casinos are open to residents of New Mexico, and you will find that the options are nearly limitless. With so many casinos to choose from, you will find that there are tons of different gambling categories and ways to play at your disposal. The best online casinos accepting NM residents are established sites like Lucky Red, Aladdin’s Gold, Manhattan Slots,, Old Havana, High Noon, BuzzLuck, and more.

Online Sports Betting Sites That Accept New Mexico Residents

While New Mexico does have a thriving sports betting community, the ability to wager on sports online is limited in the state. New Mexico gambling sites have not been regulated at the state level at this point. In the interim, however, sports bettors will find that various betting sites exist to take your wagers. These websites offer you the ability to have a Vegas-style experience without ever having to leave your home. Should you decide to join any of these top-rated legal sports betting sites, you will find that fair odds, easy payouts, and state-of-the-art security measures for your personal information are available through each one. That said, there are lots of less than optimal sportsbooks out there, so you will definitely want to stick only with the sites we recommend, as these are the best in the business by a mile: Bovada, SportsBetting, BetOnline, MyBookie, XBet, BetDSI, and BookMaker. With more than a century of serving NM bettors between them, these sites are free to join and have thousands of daily betting lines.

Online Poker Sites That Accept New Mexico Residents

New Mexico does not have any plans to legalize and regulate online poker, which means that bettors often take to the offshore poker websites in order to indulge in their favorite pastime. This is not a downgrade in terms of service - many of these poker websites are the best in the business. While there are only a limited number of legal online poker rooms currently available for players on the Internet, you don’t have to worry about finding the few remaining trustworthy poker rooms. If you decide that you want to take to the digital felts, you will have plenty of options available for you to do so. These include the above-mentioned casino-based sites, which favor themed single-player video poker, and the sports betting sites that tend to focus on live-dealer, multiplayer tables and tournaments. Pick one or both, and play whenever – and however – the mood strikes you!

Online Bingo Sites That Accept New Mexico Players

Bingo players are also able to participate in real money games online. While you have to be 18 to participate, you will not be without a way to hit the cards and start earning money if you stick to our recommendations. For an all-in-one betting site that includes bingo among other gambling amusements, 5Dimes is your best bet. However, if you want to play at the most singularly-focused bingo hall on the Internet, there is no better site than Downtown Bingo. Their huge selection of game types and their daily bonuses (with low limits and easy-to-meet rollover requirements) make Downtown Bingo the number-one destination for bingo players in New Mexico.

Is Online Gambling Legal In New Mexico?

As a New Mexico resident, it’s important to understand the ways in which online sports betting and gambling websites interact with the law. New Mexico does not currently have any laws on the books that would prevent or restrict the usage of some online gambling websites. This is because many of the online gambling websites exist offshore, and they are not restricted by the laws of New Mexico.

These offshore sites are well within their rights to offer legal gambling in NM, whether they be casino games or sporting events. Online gambling in New Mexico is legal for the sole fact that there are no laws that say otherwise. Residents are free to use online gambling sites as they see fit. In addition, several bills in the NM legislature seek to legalize and regulate aspects of online gambling such as sports betting. In the 2021 session, HB 101 is set to potentially allow for online sports betting that is sanctioned by the state. Until such a time as that happens, however, bettors will likely continue using offshore sportsbooks and casinos.

That said, caveat emptor: We are not lawyers, and our understanding of the state laws in NM does not constitute legal advice. That said, it is worth noting that no New Mexico resident has ever been cited, fined, or arrested for gambling over the Internet. However, if you’re uncertain or unconvinced, it is always best to contact a local law expert before kicking off your online gambling career.

Is It Safe To Gamble Online When Living In New Mexico?

As we previously stated, there is nothing stopping you from signing up for an account at any of the New Mexico gambling sites reviewed on this page. There is no enforcement of online gambling in New Mexico when it comes to the consumer, but don't try to go start your own online or physical gambling enterprise, because that is unambiguously against the law and you'd be asking for trouble. No state permits unauthorized businesses to operate within their borders, gambling or otherwise.

Even as a user, it’s best just to steer clear of local unlicensed gambling houses and bookmaker. So, how do you know which services are and which are not safe to use? Well, you could do a whole bunch of research on the subject, or you could simply use any of the recommendations we've made on this page. We know that these sites are safe, and every one of them is run from outside of United States jurisdiction. Therefore, they are not subject to the laws of the US or of New Mexico. Plus, these sites aren't going anywhere, so you don't need to worry about playing games today and coming back tomorrow to find the site – and your money – offline and out of reach.

Are Online Casinos Legal In New Mexico?

Players question the legalities of online casinos in New Mexico because of the fact that these venues are not mentioned as often as sportsbooks or poker rooms in the general gambling community. Rest assured, using these casinos is not criminalized, even if they are not technically authorized by the state. The simple fact is that because they’re located overseas, they don’t need to be authorized by any US agency to operate freely.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal In New Mexico?

The question over online sports betting and its legal status is one that has been beaten to death due to the fact that federal laws and state laws are fairly confusing – and often contradictory – when it comes to what is and what isn’t officially allowed. Some say that operating a sportsbook is the only thing that is illegal, while others are under the impression that even participating in the games is a crime. Of course, we have found nothing in the New Mexico laws that has made it illegal for players to participate in online sports betting at overseas sportsbook services.

Is Online Poker Legal In New Mexico?

In New Mexico, you do not have to worry about being prosecuted for playing online poker. Via the Internet, you have access to all kinds of poker rooms, and you will not face any criminal charges for playing at the sites we recommend on this page.

Horse Racing Betting Sites Available To New Mexico Residents

When it comes to legal horse racing betting in New Mexico, residents have a few options. There are a few tracks located in the state that can host pari-mutuel wagering on races that are taking place at that track as well as elsewhere in the state and country (aka simulcast betting). Of course, getting to the track on a regular basis is a nonstarter for more folks in New Mexico. For these horseplayers, the sportsbooks listed here (like Bovada, BetOnline, 5Dimes, etc.) all offer national and international pari-mutuel racebooks.

If you’re looking for a legal horse racing betting option that doesn’t limit the number of races you can bet on, try an online racebook. These online horse racing betting sites accept New Mexico residents without reservation. You’ll be able to bet on everything from the Kentucky Derby to the Santa Anita Handicap to the Pegasus Cup, and you’ll also get to wager on lots of Grade II and Grade III stakes races. Even harness horse racing is available at certain times of the year. Each of these options is 100% legal, so the choice is yours!

Funding Your Online Gambling Account and Collecting Your Bonus

When funding your online gambling account, you might see that there is a deposit bonus that you are eligible for. These bonuses match a certain percentage of what you’re depositing into your account, instantly adding extra funds to your account for you to wager with. You may be wondering if there’s some long process to collect these bonuses, but I am here to assure you that there is not. Collecting a deposit bonus is as simple as typing in a promo code. It takes seconds at most to add this to your deposit. When your funds appear, so will your bonus, and there is no delay.

That said, bonuses come with requirements called “rollover,” which mandate a minimum total handle that must be turned before you can actually cash out those bonus funds. These requirements are fully explained at all the top sites, and you can contact a customer service representative 24/7 if you have any questions.

New Mexico Gambling FAQ’s

What Is Vigorish?

Vigorish is the cut that the sportsbook or gambling site takes for facilitating your bet. It is a percentage taken from your wager off the top, usually at a rate of 9-11%. Vigorish, often shortened to “vig” (and sometimes referred to as “juice” or the “house take”), is something that will always be charged on a spread, over/under, or prop bet. Some gambling sites will offer reduced juice on certain betting styles, which means you don’t have to pay as big a cut if you win the bet.

The vig is always shown as part of the moneyline (excepting on straight bets). You have probably seen spread bets with -110 in parentheses. This is the moneyline with the vig built in, meaning that you lay down $110 to win $100. That extra $10 goes to the house, which is how sportsbooks make their money. Without vigorish, there would be no sports betting.

What Is The Best Way To Gamble?

So let me let you in on a little secret – there is no “best” way to gamble. It’s all about finding out what you enjoy the most. Playing a round of poker might not be what gets you excited. Instead, you might really enjoy betting the horses or playing slots online. Heck, your game could be high-stakes bingo. There are so many different ways to gamble that it’s really all up to your personal preferences.

What Is A Length In Horse Racing?

A “length” is a unit of measure used in horse racing. It refers to the distance from a horse’s nose to its tail, usually about eight feet. Announcers will state that a horse has won by a certain amount of “lengths” if the race is a breakaway, and this lets viewers know approximately how many feet ahead of the competition the leader is. After the race, the length of victory will be officially calculated using video replays and time differential measurements. For example, if a horse wins by three lengths, that’s 24 feet. For context, the great Secretariat won the 1973 Belmont Stakes by a record 31 lengths, or roughly 248 feet – nearly the length of a football field!

Will I go to jail for online gambling in New Mexico?

The simple answer is no, you will not go to jail for using New Mexico gambling sites. Not only is it difficult for the state to collect evidence of any wrongdoing, but you will also find that there are no laws that can really be used to prosecute players for gambling online. This is why it’s never happened and never will. So pick one or several of the above sites offering legal gambling in NM, sign up, and bet with confidence!