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Fastest Casino Payouts

Fastest Casino PayoutsPursuing the fastest possible payout at legal online casinos is often something gamblers will seek out for convenience’s sake, but there’s actually more at stake than just a longer wait versus a shorter one. What makes the fastest casino payouts important is what it reveals about the legal online casino site you’re using. Quick turnaround times and, more crucially, reliably fast payouts are key indicators that you’re dealing with a quality, reputable online casino.

Fortunately, our top picks of offshore casino sites –, and – are all well-regarded in this competitive market segment as having some of the fastest and most reliable payouts of any of their peers. In this quick and easy guide we’ll fill you in on the pertinent details related to ensuring you get the fastest casino payouts the next time you have a run of good luck at the digital tables.

How Long Do Casino Payouts Usually Take?

Generally speaking, the length of time required for a legal USA gambling site with an online casino section is going to depend on a variety of factors, but the most significant is the payment method you chose when requesting a withdrawal. Thus, the wait time varies, ranging from a few minutes at least to a few days at most.

The leading offshore casino sites for US players have a wide variety of payment options available to American account holders when it comes time to collect winnings but, sadly, the simple fact is that some laws make the whole process more difficult and time consuming than it ought to be. Federal legislation, namely the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, has made it impossible for American online casino users to collect their winnings via credit or debit card like their counterparts are free to do in Europe and much of the rest of the world. Nevertheless, our recommended offshore gambling sites, which have casino table games as well as card games and sportsbooks, have done the best they can to reduce the wait time for their US users and get them the fastest casino payouts possible using the means available to them.

What Are The Fastest Casino Payout Methods?

The fastest casino payout methods are overwhelmingly cryptocurrency-based. This is because cryptocurrency allows people to send money anywhere in the world with ease, and the online casinos adopted it very early. Since they adopted it early, they invested heavily in making it usable, as other people adopting it would be good for their investments. Thus, it is often not only the fastest way to get your money into and out of an online casino, but it is also often the cheapest way to get your money into and out of an online casino. The one caveat is that online casinos often limit the ability to receive crypto payouts to those that deposited with cryptocurrency.

Fastest Casino Payout Methods

Method: Minimum: Maximum: Frequency: Time Frame:
Bitcoin $10 No Limit 1 Per 3 Days 24 Hours
Bitcoin Cash $10 No Limit 1 Per 3 Days 1 Hour
Litecoin $10 No Limit 1 Per 3 Days 1 Hour
Ethereum $10 No Limit 1 Per 3 Days 15 minutes
Player Transfer $10 $15,000 Varies Up to 15 minutes
MatchPay $20 $1,000 2 per calendar day Up to 15 Minutes
Voucher $10 $3,000 No Limit 2 Business Days
Check by Courier $100 $3,000 1 Per 7 Days 10-15 Business Days

Bitcoin Withdrawals – The Fastest Casino Payouts

Bitcoin is currently the fastest casino payout method across all our recommended offshore casino sites. For those of you who don’t know or aren’t the most familiar with Bitcoin, it is one of several so-called “cryptocurrencies,” and by far the most prominent and successful among them, being first launched in 2009 and holding a current value at near $3,500 per coin. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are digital payment systems or digital currencies that are totally decentralized, and no central banking authority or government regulatory body anywhere in the world has any influence over what you can do with the Bitcoin you own.

Actually requesting a Bitcoin payout couldn’t be easier. Offshore casino site account holders simply select the option to accept their payout with Bitcoin and the casino handles the rest, just make sure to read all the instructions at your individual online casino account to make sure you followed all the necessary steps to collect your winnings. You can rest easy knowing that most requests for withdrawal at legal offshore casino sites are processed in mere minutes using Bitcoin, but the longest you are likely to have to wait is 48 hours before the Bitcoin is transferred into your electronic wallet. While the whole process of mining Bitcoin or buying it from a marketplace, or even setting up or storing Bitcoin in an e-wallet might seem daunting at first (and it definitely takes some getting used to), there really is no better way going right now than to get on-board with Bitcoin. Not only is it the fastest casino payout option available, many industry analysts feel that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like it are truly the wave of the future when it comes to making any kind of purchases over the internet.

Paper Checks – Not The Fastest Casino Payouts, But The Most Reliable

US online casino account holders don’t have many options for collecting their winnings, unlike players in other countries around the world with less strict (or strictly prohibitive) internet gambling laws. However, living in the world that we do, we can’t really argue with the efficacy of collecting your winnings from legal offshore casino sites the old-fashioned way: waiting on a paper check to come in the mail. Though paper checks are not the fastest casino payout method available – far from it; they’re actually the slowest – what they lack in quickness they more than make up for in terms of reliability. There is no way that our recommended online casinos, which are by and large considered to be the very best the entire industry has to offer to US players, will let down their account holders when it comes time to pay out, and sending paper checks is why they succeeded for so long.

The collection process is simple, but it does take some time to get revved up, as it were. First, you’ll have to wait for the casino site to create your check, then you’ll have to wait for their employees to mail it out, then you’ll have to wait for the check to arrive (usually from an offshore location, but sometimes the casino will have a local office from which to mail out checks) in your mailbox. But there’s one more step involved, and it’s the one that can really slow down the procedure: the check will have to clear your bank, and that can take a short while, given the extra scrutiny paid to foreign-origin checks. Don’t let all this talk of “slower” casino payouts discourage you from selecting this option, though. Paper checks are utterly reliable and our top legal offshore casino sites have never let a customer down, so if you’re patient, there’s no cause for concern.

Other Methods Of Getting Fastest Casino Payouts

As we previously mentioned, US casino site users don’t have as many options as their international counterparts when it comes to collecting their winnings. Usually the only methods available for requesting payouts is to use Bitcoin or to wait on a paper check to come in the mail. However, the leading offshore casino sites like Bovada, SportsBetting, and BetOnline will sometimes have other options available when you request a payment. We’ll just give a brief rundown of these as we can’t guarantee there is going to be a box to check for each every time you request a payout.

Money transfers, otherwise known as wire transfers, are among the fastest casino payout methods available, when they are available. These used to be legal and available to US players all the time, but not so much anymore. You will want to check with your online casino’s customer service office for more details, but basically you’ll just select the money transfer option and wait a few days before your cash is available at a local branch office depending on which company you use. Debit cards and credit cards are also a sometimes-available payout method, but don’t count on it, as federal and state law makes it a dicey proposition. Still, it’s worth checking with the customer service desk at your preferred online casinos (and we do suggest that you make multiple accounts so you can enjoy all the different fastest payout options and game types available), to see if they can process such a transaction for you.

Fastest Casino Payouts FAQs

What Other Factors Affect The Fastest Casino Payouts?

Naturally, there are a variety of factors that affect the fastest casino payouts available to US players. The most glaringly obvious of those factors is your country of residence, which in this case, given the fact that you’re visiting LegalGamblingUSA, is the US. Like we discussed previously, federal laws like the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 make getting your fastest casino payout a little bit more of a lengthy process than players from other countries have. It’s not a deal-breaker, but it is something extra you’ll have to deal with as an American player.

Secondly, it’s worth mentioning that the amount of money you’re requesting per each withdrawal can ultimately effect the length of time it takes to get your payout. That’s because most legal offshore casino sites have a limit on the amount you can request to be paid at any one time. Usually these rules don’t apply in cases of jackpots, however, which is a good thing considering our highest-recommended casino sites like Bovada and BetOnline regularly have six-figure jackpots during special events.

Is There A Maximum Casino Payout Amount I Can Request?

Though jackpots don’t usually figure into the maximum amount a player can request for payout, there is a maximum casino payout amount assessed by most legal offshore casino sites for normal withdrawal situations. What that means is, if you accrue a huge amount in your available funds, say tens of thousands of dollars, the casino head office may only allow you to withdraw a certain amount – usually $5,000 or $10,000 per month - instead of taking the whole lump sum at once.

Do I Have To Pay Extra Fees In Order To Get The Fastest Casino Payouts?

One of the best pieces of news we can report to new gamblers at our top picks among legal gambling sites based overseas is that there is no requirement to pay extra fees in order to get the fastest casino payouts. While there may be fees assessed on the individual payout method you choose, whatever fees there are will be standard across all fee types. US players shouldn’t worry about extra fees anyway, since the main types of casino payouts available for American account holders don’t have fees attached anyway.

Are Bonuses Affected By Getting The Fastest Casino Payouts?

Bonuses are not technically affected by getting the fastest casino payouts, but oftentimes players are confused as to why they can’t collect their bonuses as part of their payment when requesting a withdrawal from their account. The leading offshore legal gambling sites offer bonuses and comps just like land-based casinos, but, like those casinos, you can only use those credits (usually for free games or plays) inside the casino. Remember, sites like Bovada, SportsBetting and BetOnline, as successful as they are, didn’t get to be the industry leaders by just giving away real money.

You can use their casino bonus offers to help finance your bankroll, but typically you cannot simply request a payment when you haven’t actually won any money. The bonuses available for new signups or deposits are just an incentive to get you to play more and presumably to win more, so take that into consideration before becoming frustrated if your total payout doesn’t reflect the total number after the dollar sign in your available funds.