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Sportsbook Bonuses For USA Players

If you have never before joined an online sportsbook, you will definitely want to learn about the sportsbook bonuses for USA players. What are bonuses, you ask? They are a way for you to add money on top of your bankroll. Each sportsbook offers their own bonus, and this is what we are here to discuss. Every single online sportsbook provides their own terms and conditions, their own restrictions, and their own bankroll booster. Since every bonus from legal sports betting sites are different, we are here to explain to you some of the details surrounding each of the different types of bonuses, how you can collect them, and what you are able to do with them when you accept them.

Some people tend to think that collecting a deposit bonus is generally not worth it due to the fact that you are going to be faced with wagering requirements and restrictions. Wagering restrictions may force you to bet in ways that you normally wouldn't, or even bet a certain amount before you can cash out, but let's put it this way - who else is going to give you up to $900 in free cash without even making a single wager. Worst case scenario you lose out on the money, but if you were going to lose the deposit and the bonus, there is a good chance you would have lost your entire deposit to begin with. So you may as well just go ahead and take the bonus that's being offered.

There are several different bonus types, ranging from welcome bonuses, first time deposits, matching, and more. A welcome bonus is exactly how it sounds, with a bonus received simply by signing up for an account at the sportsbook. Keeping with the theme of exactly how it sounds, a first deposit bonus is a bonus offered for that initial deposit made into an account. Typically, this will come in the form of a matching percentage up to a certain maximum amount offered on the bonus. Some sportsbooks, like BetOnline takes the sportsbook bonus even further by offering a bonus for every deposit made into an account, which is not just limited to the first. This will all be laid out in the reviews, which you are about to get into.

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Sportsbook Bonuses For U.S. Players

Bovada Sportsbook

Bovada is the home to some of the best betting lines out there. Players who decide to run with this sportsbook will be accessing a length of different features, not the least of which is a substantial set of betting lines on a fairly wide range of different sports. They are out there to be as complete as possible, offering their readers limitless opportunities for gaming. When starting off with Bovada, they will give all first time depositors a chance to redeem a 20% to $100 matching bonus which only carries a 3x rollover. The low rollover rate makes this bonus fairly easy to cashout... you will be surprised how quickly you can roll the deposit/bonus over once you start betting on sports. Players who join up with Bovada will have a few choices for making deposits, including MyPayLinq, VISA and wire transfers. Bovada has almost every single betting type across a wide range of sports, making them one of the most complete books on the market. No other sportsbook for USA players is quite as generous with the bonuses as this one.

50% - $1,000 BONUS!

BetOnline Sportsbook

BetOnline has a bonus that nearly infinite more beneficial than the bonuses that many other sportsbooks tend to offer. If you join up with BetOnline, you will be entitled to receive a bonus that is good for up to $900 in free cash. This bonus will meet or exceed any bonus that is used by one of their competitors. Though BetOnline does not offer a VIP program just yet, they do offer a 25% match on every single deposit you make into their service. They may be a relatively new book, but BetOnline is attempting to offer their users more bonuses than any other betting site. In sticking with this sportsbook you will be sticking to one of the more generous betting sites out there. BetOnline gives their users a full list of betting types, including straight and exotic wagers alike. No other sportsbook is as generous, so consider them a try if you want to grab some serious bonus money.

25% - $1,000

SportsBetting Sportsbook

Bonuses are plentiful through SportsBetting, as they are aiming to be as generous as they can be. Through SportsBetting you will first be welcomed to a free 25% match bonus, which will give you up to $100 on your first deposit. They then offer you frequent reload bonuses, with a free bonus available on both Tuesday and Thursday. On both of these days, if you deposit without a credit card, you can collect a 10% match to $50. They run more seasonal bonuses than any other sportsbook, including free tickets to major events, free prizes if you bet on certain events, and a new cash infusion on a monthly bonus. SportsBetting has quite a few different advantages to their service, including all of these bonuses, easy to read betting trends, and even a mobile site that will connect you directly to the service.

50% - $500

5Dimes Sportsbook

5Dimes is one of the longest running sportsbooks online, and players can easily participate by way of this impressive sportsbook's generous offerings. 5Dimes has their standard site as well as a mobile site, which offers easy access to a large number of sports to bet on, including major team sports and a slew of minor sports. DSI is making it their goal to be one of the most complete gambling sites online, and we can assure you that their odds are generally more favorable than any other sportsbooks. They also have a full list of features to go along with them, including a live dealer casino and a full blown poker room. 5Dimes emphasizes security, so safety is always guaranteed. Their bonuses include 50% match to $200, followed by a 20% match to $320. Their deposit methods include Credit cards, e-checks, person-to-person transactions, check through courier and also MoneyLineWallet. 5Dimes is easily one of the most versatile gambling sites accepting US players out there.

25% - $500

Types Of Sportsbook Bonuses For USA Players

Bonuses are not just a straight forward thing. There is no one form of bonus on the market. Instead of just having the option of collecting one kind of bonus, online sportsbooks generally offer a range of different promotions. These can be something like a match bonus as your initial deposit bonus or reload bonus, or also bonuses based on reduced juice, rebates for losing a wager, bracket competitions for the NCAA and similar promotions based specific events.

Sportsbook Match Bonuses

Match bonuses are the most common type of bonuses. These bonuses offer the ability to make a deposit and collect free money very easily. You will always receive these on your first deposit, but there are also other ways for match bonuses to be collected.

Reload Bonuses

Reload bonuses will also provide you with a way to collect easy money. Reload bonuses are bonuses that can be collected on any deposit beyond the first. They generally offer less money than the initial deposit bonus, but this is still free cash that you can very easily collect from the sportsbook.

Reduced Juice Sportsbook Bonuses

Through many online sportsbooks, reduced juice is very common. Reduced juice betting lines carry less commission than standard betting lines, which could effectively cut the amount of money you have to pay to make a wager in half. This could turn your -110 line on your team to a -105 line, effectively offering you a way to make extra money on top of a wager. While reduced juice betting is not infinitely common, it is still something you will be able to find.


Through online sportsbooks, you will occasionally be able to receive rebates for your losses. While comp points are generally handed out by casinos, online sportsbooks will periodically offer cash back on any losses you incur through their betting lines.

Seasonal Sportsbook Bonuses

Every online sportsbook offers seasonal promotions, and these are very dependent on the sport currently in its season. The most common of these seasonal promotions is the NCAA bracket tournament. Nearly every single sportsbook offers these seasonal promotions, and there are a lot of special events that are even based on prop events. These may not be straight cash bonuses, but they are profitable, exciting, and a break from the standard pace of play.

Sportsbook Bonus Codes

With some online sportsbooks you will find that there are special bonus codes that must be used to activate your promotions. Bonus codes will provide you with special bonuses that can be different from the standard bonuses that are available through the sportsbook. If you want to add some extra cash into your account, you will want to consider these bonus codes as an option. When you decide to run with these bonus codes, you will be generally be collecting a bonus that is significantly higher than what is normally offered, or at least a little different.

FAQ's About Sportsbook Bonuses For USA Players

1) How much money do I have to deposit in order to be eligible for a bonus?

Through some sportsbooks you only have to deposit $20, while others will require you to deposit at least $100 in order to collect the free money that they have available.

2) What are the wagering requirements that these sportsbooks advertise?

Every single sportsbook bonus you collect will require you to wager a certain amount of money before you are eligible to cash in your winnings.

3) Are some bets restricted with deposit bonuses?

Through some online sportsbooks you are not able to use your bonus on reduced juice betting lines. Read the terms and conditions of the bonus before you decide to play with them.

4) What happens if I break the terms and conditions of the bonus?

If you break the terms and conditions of the bonus you will have the bonus and any winnings you have earned voided.

5) Can I cash out the bonus money applied to my account?

No. The bonus money is generally deducted from your cash out when it comes time to do so.