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Sportsbooks Accepting USA Players

Sports betting, punting, playing the odds - whatever you call it, it can be found through online sportsbooks that accept USA players. Sports betting has a rich and expansive history, ranging as far back as the Roman Colosseum, if not even further back. Betting on sports is widely recognized as one of the most profitable forms of gambling, as it does not require you to bet on what card will come up next or what the dice will read on the next roll. Instead you will be relying on the skills, talents and abilities of others - be it athletes or anyone else involved in one of the numerous types of bets that can be found in an online sportsbook. It is one of the most popular forms of legal gambling in the USA.

The industry of sports betting on the whole has always been subject to heavy scrutiny by the government, both on a federal level and the statewide level. Whether or not online sports gambling is legal or illegal has long been a subject of debate, as there are questions about a law written in the 1960's that was designed to target sports gambling and organized crime. The Wire Act of 1961 had made it so operating a gambling business through the use of telecommunications on an interstate level would be illegal, and there has been some debate over whether or not online sports gambling is covered by the Wire Act. Even if it is, this does not make it illegal for the player to gamble on sports. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act has not made it specifically illegal to bet on sports online either, so there is a good chance you will not ever have to worry about being penalized by the law for betting online. Each state does have its own individual laws, however, so you will want to consult a lawyer before you start to gamble online if you want to make 100% certain that you cannot be indicted or arrested for betting online.

The best legal online sportsbooks offer quite a few features. There are plenty of different advantages to choosing those that we have labeled the best, including higher bonuses and easier sign up processes. Easy deposits are also a major part of gambling with these sportsbooks, as they all have better than average payment processors to facilitate rapid transactions. Safety is guaranteed with all of these gambling sites, so you will not have to ever contend with being ripped off, stolen from, or otherwise at a loss without solely losing your wagers.

Directly below on this page, you will find a list of online sportsbooks which accept players from the United states, and are the top-rated in the industry. All offer some of the best odds out there encompassing all leagues and sports in the U.S. You will find that these online sportsbooks have USA friendly deposit methods, competitive sportsbook bonuses, great customer service, and a variety of wager types to be made. These are the most important factors when it comes to choosing an online sportsbook, and trust us, we have played at the good ones and the not so good ones. We know the difference between a quality online sportsbook, and one that is lacking in that department. So check out the reviews of the sportsbooks we are showing you below, and pay them a visit.

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Sportsbooks Taking USA Players

Bovada Sportsbook

Bovada is one of the more impressive sportsbooks out there. The Bovada Brand of gambling has been around for over 15 years, bringing quality to the games every step of the way. They provide their users with a limitless supply of betting options, covering everything from the NFL, the NBA, the MLB and the NHL, but also soccer, MMA, tennis, golf and more. There is no sport left out of Bovada's list. They have also added in a substantial amount of betting types. straight and exotic wagers alike are all available through Bovada's sportsbook. When signing up your account will be automatically backed by a 10% unlimited match bonus, which is one of the best out there due to the limitless supply of cash that can be received. Bovada, above anything else, provides safety and security through the whole business of gambling.

50% - $1,000 BONUS!

BetOnline Sportsbook

Why BetOnline? Because you can. That's what they say, and that's what they do. They offer their users one of the more exciting sportsbooks around by way of their bonuses, including a lifetime bonus guarantee. They offer their users a sign up bonus that can match any legal sports betting bonuses available through a competitor's sportsbook. Any major sportsbook's bonus can be matched through BetOnline, to a maximum of $900 in free cash. For every other deposit you make ever, you will receive a 25% match to $900. Special promotions are also offered based on the different sports' seasons going on during the year. BetOnline covers all major and minor sports, and they offer their users all of the straight and exotic betting types out there. No other book is as generous as BetOnline, so get involved in the games if you want to earn some cash by way of sports.

25% - $1,000 Sportsbook

The name has been in the business of sports betting for over 20 years, though they only spread to the Internet in the mid-90's. Players who join up with will see that they have a commitment to providing one of the most powerful betting experiences around. This sportsbook offers their users a feature rich gambling experience, which includes everything from an easy to use betting card and even betting trends that will show you where others are placing their wagers. has a 25% match bonus to $900 that can be added into any of the deposits you make into their sportsbook. Through you will be provided with a limitless supply of reload bonuses, favorable odds, and a handful of different extra features such as a poker room and a casino.

50% - $500

5Dimes Sportsbook

5Dimes is one of the longest running sportsbooks for US players, and players can easily participate by way of this impressive sportsbook's generous offerings. 5Dimes has their standard site as well as a mobile site, which offers easy access to a large number of sports to bet on, including major team sports and a slew of minor sports. DSI is making it their goal to be one of the most complete gambling sites online, and we can assure you that their odds are generally more favorable than any other sportsbooks. They also have a full list of features to go along with them, including a live dealer casino and a full blown poker room. 5Dimes emphasizes security, so safety is always guaranteed. Their bonuses include 50% match to $200, followed by a 20% match to $320. Their deposit methods include Credit cards, e-checks, person-to-person transactions, check through courier and also MoneyLineWallet. 5Dimes is easily one of the most versatile sportsbooks out there.

25% - $500

FAQ's About Legal Sports Betting In The USA

1) Does betting in an online violate the Wire Act?

No. the bettor is not liable under the Wire Act, only the gambling business it self.

2) What about the UIGEA? Does the UIGEA ban online sports betting?

The only entity that has to contend with the UIGEA is the gambling businesses and those that process payments for them.

3) Where can I go to learn how to bet on sports?

You can generally find a guide to betting on sports through many of the sportsbooks or through other resources online that will teach you everything you need to know.

4) What makes a sportsbook better for professionals rather than amateurs?

Some online sportsbooks will restrict the maximum wager of those who have been overwhelmingly successful on the betting odds. These are better for amateurs who aren't about to make a living, as they generally offer higher bonuses.

5) What can I do if my sportsbook limits how much I can wager per bet?

You will have to talk to them about re-raising your limits or find another sportsbook.

6) How do I collect bonuses with online sportsbooks?

Your bonuses will either be added in automatically or they have to be requested from the customer service department of the sportsbook.

7) Are there bets on anything other than sports through these betting sites?

Yes. Most of these sportsbooks will allow you to wager on the stock market, political events, television and celebrity entertainment and much more.

8) What deposit methods are recommended through these online sportsbooks?

We can recommend VISA or MasterCard as your main deposit options, though e-wallets can also be used. MoneyLineWallet is one of the few e-wallets int he online sports betting industry.

9) How much money can I withdraw at once through my sportsbook?

This varies from sportsbook to sportsbook, but generally you can withdraw from $1,000 to $5,000 every week.

10) Is there a limit as to how much I can deposit?

Every sportsbook has their own limits, and these can be raised as you continue to gamble with them. Your deposit method and your reputation with the betting site all have their own limitations.