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Sportsbook Reviews For U.S.A. Players

The path to success in sports betting begins with choosing the right place to bet. By using USA online sportsbook reviews, you will be able to locate a sportsbook that fits your needs. Not all sportsbooks are worth using, but there are plenty that are fully capable of delivering a fair, safe and secure gaming experience. We have tested out these sportsbooks, ensured that they truly are legal US sports betting sites, and decided that we would show them to our readers in order to deliver a solid gaming experience. If you fail to stick to a safe sportsbook, you could very quickly find yourself running broke.

There are definitely some factors that separate a good sportsbook from a bad one. Factors like the odds that are offered for sports as well as wager types, sportsbook bonuses, U.S. deposit method, customer service and more. All of the sportsbook that we listed below have excelled in this department. We want to make sure that you are informed and make a decision based on the facts of each sportsbook. You can take comfort in knowing that we have done our research, and play at these sportsbooks ourselves.

What To Look For In USA Online Sportsbooks

When we came to these online sportsbooks, there were quite a few different things we had been looking for. Each online sportsbook provides their users with a different set of features. Integrity is one of the first things we looked for when it came to choosing online sportsbooks. If we found that a sportsbook had a reputation of ripping off their users, we would not subject our readers to their service. Provided you do not attempt to cheat the sportsbook, you will not have your money needlessly taken away from you. Easy sportsbook deposits are not something we could ignore, as funding your account should always be as easy as possible. Due to our commitment to quality, we had decided to look only into the sportsbooks that have secure and effective payment processors. Unfortunately, no payment processor is perfect but we are sure that you will not have to deal with anything too overwhelming. The types of bets they offer were also heavily scrutinized, as we want a full blown experience for our readers. Next up we came to the different sports that are available by way of this betting site. We have made it a point to deliver only the hottest sports betting sites on the market, and we have been fairly successful in this aspect.

Picking Out The Best USA Online Sportsbooks

When trying to find the best US online sports betting sites, we had worked fairly hard. We made our deposits, we placed our bets, and we even tested the withdrawals to make sure that they would actually pay us when we won. We have not taken any sports betting sites that have overwhelming wagering requirements, as this is just too much to deal with. The best of the best are listed here, and believe us when we say we have sifted through the low quality gambling sites to deliver you the finest examples of what a sportsbook should be.

Best USA Sportsbook Reviews

Bovada Sportsbook

Bovada has been one of the best sportsbooks we have ever seen. To welcome their players, we have found a 50% to $250 match bonus on the first deposit. They offer easy deposits by way of MyPayLinq, wire transfers and VISA cards, all of which make it as easy as possible for you to fund your account. Bovada's sportsbook offers their users both straight and exotic bets, and you will see that their parlays are among the highest paying bets online. Bovada's best sport for wagering is perhaps the NFL, as they have some of the best odds running on their games. Bovada's payouts are rapid, offering you your winnings in less than two weeks time - especially if you have already submitted your verification form.

50% - $1,000 BONUS!

BetOnline Sportsbook

BetOnline provides their users with a number of different options for their gaming. To start, BetOnline offers their users with a wide array of options for bonuses. They offer their users the option to take a bonus of their choice. They will match any single bonus you throw in their direction, provided it is on a list of their competitors. BetOnline gives access to what could very well be a 25% match to $900, and these sportsbook bonuses can be collected on every single deposit you make into their bookie. They also offer a slew of cash back bonuses, including refunds on over bets in MLB and soccer. No-hitters and 0-0 soccer games can both receive a refund on any over bet placed on these games. This makes BetOnline's favored sport the MLB and soccer games. BetOnline offers easy deposits, including methods such as VISA, prepaid cards, e-checks, and various wire transfers. BetOnline offers their users some of the fastest payouts around, which can range from 3 days to 14 days. If you have already completed their verification form than you are on your way to making cash outs as easy as possible.

25% - $1,000 is one of the more viable betting sites out there, and they provide players with one of the most advanced betting sites. They begin by offering you a 25% match upon signing up, which gives up to $900 in free play on every single deposit you make. MasterCard, VISA, American Express and wire transfers can all be used to fund your account. has a highly powerful betting card, and it offers access to bets including straight wagers, the spread, totals, parlays and many more. You can bet on any sport you could think of, but NCAA basketball is one of their preferred - especially around March Madness. is one of the most complete sportsbooks around, and they even offer their users a look at the betting trends of the most current lines. Few other sportsbooks offer payouts as fast as, and we can promise you that you will never be dissatisfied with what they have to offer.

50% - $500

5Dimes Sportsbook

Few other sportsbooks provide their users with such an easy experience as 5Dimes. Users of the 5Dimes sportsbook will find that they are one of the easiest books to join. 5Dimes provides their users with one of the easiest gaming gaming experiences, beginning with one of the more simplified betting cards. 5Dimes offers their users access through a number of deposit methods, including VISA, MasterCard, e-checks, MoneyLineWallet and others. 5Dimes has evolved into one of the most profitable sportsbooks for use with the MLB, offering reduced juice on top of their already impressive bonus. The first $400 you deposit receives a 50% match, while the remaining money you deposit can receive a 20% match to $320. No other sportsbook has such an impressive bonus. 5Dimes has payouts that can be delivered back to you in less than a fortnight, which has once again made this a solid betting site. Out of all of our reviews of USA online sportsbooks, 5Dimes had even proven to have the best mobile betting site around.

25% - $500