- Legal Sports Betting In The USA

Legal Sports Betting For USA Players

Legal online sports betting came about due to the lack of any legal land based sports betting businesses in the nation. Due to the rise of organized crime's obsession with sports betting and racketeering, the Department of Justice and the lawmakers of the nation have made it a point to make sweeping bans against sports betting. Through such methods as the Wire Act of 1961, the government had all but succeeded in shutting down the ability to wager on sports. The advent of the Internet opened up entirely new ways to wager, and you can now take advantage of these without too much trouble. Read more about whether is it legal to bet sports online in the U.S.?

Unfortunately, some people still think that online sports betting sites are operated by criminal enterprises. This is not the case. Most online sportsbooks are operated by very reputable businesses, and they are are fully able to offer you a way to bet on sports without any complications. There is heavy debate over whether or not the Wire Act of 1961 even covers online sports betting, since it was written so many years before the Internet became a commercial endeavor, and this debate is one that has not yet been answered. Regardless, there are plenty of legal sportsbooks that offer their users a fair degree of easy play, and you should not have too much trouble starting off with even a rudimentary knowledge of how the games function.

So how are these sportsbooks able to accept players from the United States? Well, the online sportsbooks that you are about to read about do not operate inside the U.S. In fact, the majority of them operate just outside of the U.S in Central America, most notably in Panama and Costa Rica. These sportsbooks specifically set up near the U.S and cater to players from the United States by offering a ton of betting lines from all of the major sports and leagues. Odds from the NFL, College Sports, NBA, NHL, MLB, NASCAR, PGA Tour, and many more can all be found at every one of these sportsbooks. Not only that, you will find that they all offer great bonuses, and deposit methods specifically for bettors in the United States, since we already briefly mentioned the potential difficulties because of laws like the Wire Act.

PASPA Overturn By Supreme Court Opens Door To Legal Sports Betting

When the Supreme Court of the United States overturned PASPA by a vote of 6-3, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 was finally declared officially null and void. The PASPA overturn by the Supreme Court opens the door to legal sports betting in every state, with the caveat that each state is going to choose for itself whether or not to legalize and regulate the lucrative activity.

Most states, it seems, are winning to accept the financial windfall that is sports betting within their borders, but it will likely be several months before even the most sports-betting-friendly states (like NJ or MS) have their infrastructures up and running in publicly-facing ways. Until then, it remains 100% safe and legal to continue using overseas sportsbooks like Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, and other top sites.

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Legal USA Sports Betting Sites

Bovada Sportsbook

Bovada is one of the world's leading online sportsbooks. They provide their users with one of the most extensive lists of betting options, all powered by a proprietary piece of software that makes wagering as easy as possible. Bovada has a limitless number of betting options, all offering high payouts and easy betting. Every possible sport you can think of can be found through Bovada. They have a 50% to $250 sportsbook deposit bonus, which is one of the best that the industry has to offer. Rapid Transfer, VISA and wire transfers are all viable deposit methods through this service. Bovada is definitely one of our favorite betting sites, and we can assure you you will enjoy it.

50% to $250

BetOnline Sportsbook

BetOnline offers their users access to sports betting in a very easy way. They have made it simple for all users to access their games and bonuses, all backed by several deposit methods. VISA, MasterCard, wire transfers and e-checks can all be used through BetOnline. Their bonus package is highly mutable, as they will match any competitor's bonus. They have reduced juice lines, dime lines, and some of the highest payouts available online. BetOnline's service covers every major sport, as well as several minor sports, all to provide an extensive set of betting options to their players.

25% Bonus For Life Sportsbook is another famous sportsbook, and they have been operating for more than 12 years. is one of the oldest sportsbooks online, and they provide their users with a number of different options for play. Intertops has a 25% match to $900, which carries easy wagering requirements. accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express and wire transfers as legal sports betting deposits. has a powerful brand of software, and it offers their users access to everything from the bets to betting trends as to where players have been placing their money.

25% match to $1,000

5Dimes Sportsbook

A great sportsbook for professional and amateur sportsbooks alike is that of 5Dimes. They offer their users a solid 50% match, which is good for up to $200 in free cash, with an additional $320 available for a 20% match. We have joined up with 5Dimes for their impressive betting lines, as they have made it so even high stakes bettors can easily participate in their games. They have some of the best reload bonuses, a full list of betting options, and a fairly easy to use betting card. They are also one of the few sportsbooks out there that offers a mobile site, so you can wager directly from your phone or PDA without too many complications.

25% - $500

There are plenty of options for online sports betting, so you just have to choose from the one you think would fit you the best. Each one has different deposit methods and different bonuses, so the choice is yours. If you do not already know how to bet on sports, there are plenty of resources out there that will help you along. Be it a game of football, a season of basketball, or a prop bet on pitching the perfect game, these US legal online sports betting sites will offer you a way to participate.

Legal Age To Bet Sports

To bet sports in the United States, there are a couple of criteria that need to be met. The first is you have to be of age to gamble in your state. Gambling ages in the United States are set at the state level. If a bettor plays at an online sportsbook, that age required by the sportsbook will need to be met as well. However, the higher of the two ages will have to be met for the person to legally be able to place a wager on sports. Finding the gambling age in your state is simple as you can consult your local government or find it online.

Legal Sportsbook Deposit Methods For USA Players

Arguably the most important part of an online betting site for real cash, is depositing into your account. As a player living in the United States, not all of the available methods at that particular site may be available to you. The most common methods for USA players as means to deposit include major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. In addition the use of wire transfers from a hub like a Western Union is also a method for U.S. players. Furthermore, the option of some e-wallets as well as money orders/cashier’s checks can also be utilized. Different online gambling sites will have different methods that they accept.

FAQ's About Legal Sports Betting In The USA

1) Is the age requirement on online sports betting different from other forms of gambling?

This can sometimes be the case. You may have to be 21 in order to gamble online in most cases. Online sportsbooks will stipulate their age requirements, but if you live in the United States, it is important that you meet the legal gambling age in your state. This can sometimes be 18, depending on where you live.

2) Do online sportsbooks require any identity verification?

Yes. All legal online gambling sites will require you to send in a copy of your ID and a recent utility bill. This is for your protection, as online sportsbooks want to be able to have accurate records of who you are. It helps the online sportsbook be able to protect all of your information in your account.

3) How safe are these online sportsbooks?

Each sportsbook has high levels of encryption to prevent data interception, while they also store information in safe databases. Online sportsbooks implore several security measures to ensure that their players and their information are safe. Often times, you will be able to read about the security and encryption that is in place at a specific online sportsbook on the site itself as well.

4) How do I know these gambling sites will pay me my winnings?

It is more profitable to be a legitimate gambling site than it is to simply steal from their players, as repeat business will keep a steady stream of income. We have also tested them to assure that they are legitimate. Reputation is everything in this industry, and word would quickly get around if there was a site that did not pay out the winnings to their players.

5) Is there a long delay between requesting my cash out and receiving my money?

Generally speaking, there is not. You may have to wait a week or so for the verification process, but other than that you are not going to have to wait too long. It hinges on the type of payout method that you request. Some methods can take longer than others but online sportsbooks try to get their players' payouts out to them as quickly as possible

6) Do banking restrictions block payouts from these sportsbooks?

No. You will receive your money no matter what, unless you try to steal from the sportsbook. Sportsbooks have specific payout methods so that there will be no restrictions or problems associated with your payout. The only variable will be the time it takes you to receive you winnings. But rest assured you will get them with no problems.

7) Is there a way for me to get in trouble from depositing into these gambling sites?

Provided you are not breaking any online gambling laws in your state, you should never have to worry about any legal trouble. It is completely legal for players in the United States to sign up at these offshore sportsbooks. But if you are underage and decide to gamble, that is about the only time that you can get into trouble when trying to sign up and play. Underage gambling is taken very seriously by all online sportsbooks.

8) What kind of prepaid cards work with online sportsbooks?

Since these sportsbooks are offshore, you have to make sure your prepaid card is capable of making international payments. Different online sportsbooks will accept different deposit methods. It is best to check with the 'banking' or 'cashier' section within the sportsbook itself for the full details on which methods they accept.

9) Is there a way to cash out with sending my photo ID?

No, generally not. We have not heard of any instance of being able to cash out without offering up a form of ID. It's done for your safety, and to prevent fraud on the part of you and the sportsbook. Just think of it as any transaction with a payment. Typically, you have to present your I.D. to validate that you are who you say you are.

10) Do deposits or payouts process over the weekend, or only on business days?

You can make deposits any day of the week, though your withdrawals will not process outside of business days. Online sportsbooks are usually available 24/7 to make a deposit or a withdrawal request. From there, it is processed by the sportsbook. If you deposit, the money will go into your account. If you are attempting to withdrawal, if will be on its way to you once it is approved.