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Legal Online Gambling For Texas Residents

Legal online gambling in Texas and all the laws that are changing has caused quite a bit of confusion. As with most states, there is the frequent questioning of how existing gambling laws pertain to online gambling due not only to the lack of precedence, but also due to no law specifically banning online gambling. Texans who are aiming to gamble online will find that there are options available that do not technically violate the law. Rather than just showing you where you can gamble, this page is designed to show you that you are not likely to violate the laws by participating in these games.

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Online Gambling Age For Texas Residents

As with many states, Texas has a list of various age requirements on different games. The state of Texas has made it so several age limits have to be followed. For starters, land based casinos and poker rooms have age requirements of being 21. This goes for casino based bingo, online casinos, sportsbooks, and online poker as well. The limited forms of gambling that can take place at 18 include charity bingo, the lottery, dog and horse racing, and even online bingo.

Texas Online Gambling Laws

In Texas, there are currently no laws that have specifically banned online gambling. This is why the state of affairs related to gambling is as confusing as it is - there is nothing that says you will be arrested for gambling online. While this does not guarantee that these games are legal, there has been no evidence that these games are actually illegal. If a law is written to change this, we will update our page to reflect any legislation that has changed.

Gambling Sites That Accept Texas Residents

If you decide that it is worth the theoretical risk to gamble online, you will find that there are many options that offer access to residents in the state of Texas. We have found that sports betting sites, casinos, poker rooms and bingo halls alike can all be played in the state of Texas. With all of these options available, fun is almost guaranteed. 

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Online Casinos That Accept Texas Residents

Texas online casinos are available for players to hit the slots, roll the dice, spin the wheels and draw the cards. Texans will find that online casinos have directly emulated land based casinos, offering players a way to participate in the most popular games in Vegas. We have documented many online casinos in order to help players find a way to participate. See all online casinos that accept USA players.

Online Sports Betting Sites That Accept Texas Residents

Sports betting is not something that can be easily found. By visiting online sportsbooks you will find that there are easy ways to win some money. If you decide to bet on sports, you will see that these sportsbooks offer many of the exact lines that can be found in a sportsbook in Las Vegas, as well as many other odds and lines that are even superior to those out west. See all sports betting sites accepting USA players.

Online Poker Sites That Accept Texas Residents

None of the online poker rooms listed on this site carry bad reputations, as we have only allowed our readers to participate in the best of the best. With these poker rooms we can guarantee you a fair shot at winning, as we have made sure to incorporate only the finest of poker rooms.

Online Bingo Sites That Accept Texas Players

Even if it is not the most popular form of gambling, bingo is something that is played outside of rec centers and retirement homes. There are plenty of bingo halls that allow players to hit the cards with a little risk and consideration. While winning may require intense luck, there is still a possibility that a fairly substantial jackpot can be won through these digital bingo halls.

Is Online Gambling Legal In Texas?

Many people have asked if online gambling is legal in Texas, and we have already stated that we cannot find any evidence that has given us any indication that these games are illegal. No where in the state's statutes can you find anything related to the Internet, computers, or the online world.

Are Online Casinos Legal In Texas?

As it turns out, it seems that online casinos are legal in Texas. Having browsed the state's statutes, we can tell you that there is no written mention of online casinos anywhere within the text. We have looked into both the criminal code and gaming regulations and we have found nothing that has led us to believe the games are not legal in the state.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal In Texas?

Though some of the federal laws do cover sports betting on the Internet, there is nothing in the Texas legislature that has made it a crime for you to bet on the Internet. Texans will find that there are many online sportsbooks, allowing players to wager on everything from baseball to football, with many other options in between.

Which Site Is Best For Betting On The Cowboys? The Texans?

There are several sports betting sites that advertise betting on NFL games and all do provide it but there are a few sites which are better than others. That matters because Texas residents take Cowboys and Texans games very seriously... Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth are two football rabid cities which live and die with their teams. We know football and football fans... after all, we have our allegiances too. The two sites we recommend above all others are Bovada and Both sites have lines for Texans and Cowboys games for every week of the season including props and future betting odds. In particular, Bovada has one of the best sites for live betting on NFL games and has unlimited deposit bonuses along with a wide array of lines on games. Texas residents are welcome at both sites and have easy deposit/payout methods at their disposal.

Is Online Poker Legal In Texas?

Poker players can turn to the Internet in order to play their game, and you will find that many card rooms exist on the Internet. The ever famous Texas Hold 'em is one option for play, though there are many others. If you decide to go with these poker rooms that accept Texas residents, you will find that there are only a few number of options available, but we have done what we can to show you the best.

Will I go to jail for online gambling in Texas?

We have never once heard of an arrest over online gambling in the state of Texas, and we doubt you will be the first. Since we have found that there are no laws making any form of online gambling explicitly illegal, you should not stress yourself over whether or not you will be indicted or brought to charges for gambling on the Internet.