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One of the easiest gambling deposit methods on the market is that of MyPayLinq. This funding method combines various deposit options into one, and players will find that it is capable of simple transactions. While most funding methods only have one basic option, MyPayLinq has combined even more. Those who decide to start gambling with this method will find that the combination of low fees and versatile funding methods has made this one of the best possible choices you could ask for. There are a few caveats to using this service, which is why we have looked into their service in order to share exactly what could be found.

Advantages To Using MyPaylinQ

MyPayLinq carries a wide range of advantages - more than most other deposit options.

  • If you decide to use MyPayLinq, you will be able to make instantaneous deposits.
  • They also have low fees, which are much cheaper than nearly any other e-wallet.
  • They are also one of the few e-wallets that continue to offer their players more than just one deposit method.
  • Players will find that e-checks, credit cards and wire transfers can all be used to fund an account, and these are all easy enough to use.
  • MyPayLinq is also capable of processing withdrawals, which are some of the fastest on the market.

Disadvantages To Using MyPaylinQ

MyPayLinq does not have many notable disadvantages.

  • They do have fees, but these are not that high. In fact, they are fairly low. This is hardly a disadvantage.
  • They require your social security number, which some might see as unnecessary.
  • MyPayLinq is also somewhat limited by the number of sites that actually use it, but even this is rapidly changing as more gambling sites adopt this method as their own.

MyPaylinQ Casinos

Online casinos have incorporated easy deposits through MyPayLinq - more than any other. If you are going to gamble with online casinos, MyPayLinq is the easiest funding option out there. MyPayLinq has decided to offer their users some of the easiest transactions with any online casino. Various brands of casino software use this deposit method, leaving enough versatility to get players involved in the games regardless of their tastes.

Lucky Red Casino

Lucky Red Casino

Lucky Red Casino has brought their users the ability to deposit with MyPayLinq, and this funding method can make deposits of up to $1,000 per instance. This deposit limit can take full advantage of their bonuses, which includes a 400% match to $4,000 and a 100% match to $1,000. The bonus code LUCKYRED400 activates the 400% match, which is good for slots. The 100% match is activated by the bonus code LUCKYRED100, which till infuse your account with money for table games. Lucky Red Casino is easily one of the most generous gambling options online, and MyPayLinq calls for easy deposits and withdrawals through their casino.

400% - $1,000

Aladdin's Gold Casino

Aladdin's Gold Casino

Aladdin's Gold Casino also provides their players with easy access, and this is primarily possible with MyPayLinq. If you visit Aladdin's Gold, you will be visiting an RTG casino with over 100 games. They have slots, table games, video poker and more, all to offer their users a handful of different options. We have found that Aladdin's Gold boasts an enormous bonus option - a 200% match on every single deposit you make in the first week of play. A $1,000 limit exists on deposits, so you can collect up to $2,000 in bonuses per deposit, giving an effective bankroll of $3K. With some of the highest paying slots around, this bonus is easily one of the most beneficial.

Up To $2,000 in Bonuses

Manhattan Slots Casino

Manhattan Slots Casino

Manhattan Slots Casino has integrated MyPayLinq as one of their primary deposit options, and this goes to show that they are committed to their players. If you decide to visit Manhattan Slots, you will find a substantial bonus waiting for you - either a $787 slots bonus or a $150 table games bonus. Both come with a 100% match rate, and neither of them require bonus codes. You will be able to collect these bonuses with MyPayLinq, so your deposit will always have some extra cash added in with it. Manhattan Slots Casino has high payouts, easy winnings and regular reload bonuses, which turns their RTG casino into a superior option.

100% Match Rate to $787
Casino Bonus & Code Get Bonus
Club World Casino 100% to $777 - BIGSLOT
Lucky Red Casino 400% to $4,000 - LUCKYRED400
High Noon Casino 200% to $2,000 - HIGHNOON200
All Star Slots Casino 100% to $787 - ALLSTAR1 Casino NA
Manhattan Slots Casino 100% to $747 - Not Needed
Aladdin's Gold Casino 200% to $2,000 - Not Needed

MyPaylinQ Online Sports Betting

Only a small handful sportsbooks has added in MyPayLinq as a funding method, though this is unlikely to remain the case. The versatility of this deposit method has attracted a handful gambling sites already, and this number is expected to grow as MyPayLinq continues to become more popular. We have a small list of betting sites where this option is currently available.

Bovada Sportsbook

Bovada Sportsbook

MyPayLinq is one of the main deposit methods with Bovada, and you will be able to make easy deposits through this service. Those who sign up with Bovada will find MyPayLinq to be their main deposit method, and users are capable of accepting a 10% unlimited match bonus right off the bat when using this method. Bovada's betting options cover a wide range of sports, including the NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB, NASCAR, UFC and more. Bovada has brought their users a handful of different betting types as well, which includes straight and exotic bets alike. Bovada's odds are generally more favorable than any other sportsbooks. They have live in game betting, and they also provide their users with a mobile gambling site, high parlay payouts and frequent competitions to offer even higher winnings.

50% - $1,000 BONUS!

MyPaylinQ Online Poker Sites

As with sports betting, online poker has also thus far neglected the MyPayLinq deposit method. There are a few poker rooms where this funding option can still be used, but outside of this slim number you will not be able to get started with this e-wallet. Since online poker is one of the more dangerous forms of online gambling in terms of illegitimate gambling sites, which is why we can only recommend a small handful of sites to our readers.

BetOnline Poker

BetOnline Poker

Those who visit BetOnline will find a 100% match bonus, which is one of the largest available through any poker room. This bonus is currently capable of being collected with MyPaylinq, which will help overcome any fees that can be found through MyPayLinq. BetOnline has a poker room with hold 'em, Omaha and stud, which encompasses all of the major forms of gambling online. BetOnline has brought their users a lot of extra features, including the occasional reload bonus, guaranteed tournaments, freeroll tournaments and also built in rakeback. With an intuitive software suite and the capability of running multiple tables at once, BetOnline has brought their users a fairly wide set of games. Few other poker rooms combine the number of features that BetOnline has, which is one of the reasons we have went with them above any of the other MyPayLinq gambling sites offering poker.

25% - $1,000

Who Can Use MyPaylinQ?

MyPayLinq is a regulated and licensed financial business, operating out of Costa Rica, Panama, England and even the United States. They adhere to all regulations covering their type of business, and this helps to protect you and your money. MyPayLinq is safe and legitimate - equal to that of PayPal. Being that MyPaylinq is a version of PayPal based for gambling, this is one of the most versatile deposit methods in the industry.

How To Use...

In order to start playing with MyPayLinq, you will have to first visit their site and open an account. If you want to play with this deposit method, you simply have to visit their site, at which time you can enter your personal information, which includes your full name, phone number and social security number. You then have to choose a funding option, which includes VISA and MasterCard, wire transfers, MyPayLinq and more. Each of these funding methods makes for simple deposits, and you should not have too much trouble building up a bankroll. Transfers will post instantly, and you will not have to wait for your deposits to process.