Legal Gambling USA - 5 Dimes Review

5Dimes Review

Professional bettors will find 5Dimes to be one of the more generous betting sites out there. Due to high betting limits, generous bonuses, and fair paying odds, 5Dimes has become one of the more favorable betting sites.

We have decided to stick to this betting site in order to make sure our readers would enjoy this betting site. Provided you follow our advice, you will be betting in no time. In the end, we are here to simply show you the various features that make 5Dimes one of the most generous betting sites around that is also legal for players in the U.S.

Is It Safe To Gamble & Wager On Sports At 5Dimes?

While some fear the legal complications of online sports betting, this is not a reality with 5Dimes. 5Dimes is licensed out of Costa Rica, which makes them one of the safe online sportsbooks. By remaining totally legitimate, you will have no problems actually building towards a successful betting career. 5Dimes has never been subject of any off the wall litigation, which is why they make for one of the most promising betting experiences around.

  • 50% Bonus To $200
  • 20% Extra On Deposits Past $400

5Dimes Gambling Bonuses

Funding your account with 5Dimes allows players to make easy transactions. You will see that that they offer a bonus that comes in a two-for-one package. This bonus distributes two match percentages in one. You will first be able to collect a 50% match to $200, followed by, then added to, a 20% match to $320. This bonus is probably one of the best in the sports betting industry, which means you will have no trouble establishing a slightly larger than normal bankroll. If you decide to take advantage of 5Dimes, you will be able to earn regular reload bonuses as time goes on.

BONUS Amount - Bonus Code Get Bonus
Sportsbook Bonus 50% To $200 / 20% To $320
Casino Bonus 50% To $125

Other Features Found At 5Dimes

While they do not have the enormous amount of features that some sports betting sites do, 5Dimes is still a fairly comprehensive sportsbook. Their betting card is easy to use and all lines listed directly on the card. One of their best features is their mobile betting site. You will be able to access your site incredibly easily through your mobile device, especially if it is newer, as they built their mobile site for older PDA devices. A robust cashier is easy to use, so you will be able to make deposits incredibly quickly without any trouble.

Ways To Bet On Sports At 5Dimes

One of the best aspects of 5Dimes is the fact that they have broken down their individual betting types on a clear, easy to access list. Straight bets include the spread and the total. Half, quarter and inning lines are also available. You can even easily adjust the scores on these lines. Parlaying your bets is easy enough, as are if bets. Teasers and progressive bets can also be had. Futures and props make up some of their more exciting bets.

Sports To Bet On At 5Dimes

In offering a number of different sports, 5Dimes has become one of the most complete betting sites around. Football, soccer, golf, tennis, motor sports, fighting, baseball, rugby, cricket, volleyball and poker are all available. Each of these sports also has their various leagues and associations, so the list of sports is almost unlimited. For even the most fickle of bettors, 5Dimes is one of the best possible sports betting sites around.

Deposit Methods Accepted At 5Dimes

Funding your account through 5Dimes is very easy to do. Your funding options are impressive with 5Dimes. USA players will be able to deposit into your account with VISA cards as your credit card. They also have a money order and a cashier's check as options. This is important to know for Washington, Maryland, and Washington D.C. residents as a VISA card deposit is not an option. 5Dimes has one of the easiest cashiers around, and we can tell you that even withdrawals process quicker than most other websites.

5Dimes Customer Support

The customer service options available through 5Dimes make it easy to receive the help you need if you have a problem. 5Dimes is one of the easiest gambling sites to use for your help. They have a phone line that can be called toll-free at any time of the day, but they also have an e-mail chat. You should have no trouble actually establishing a rapport with them, which make sit easy enough for you to figure out the solution to any problem you may have.

Why is 5Dimes better for professional sports gamblers?

5Dimes makes it easier for professional bettors to keep their limits higher. They feature great lines, but more importantly, a variety of wager types for the professional bettor to utilize.

How do e-checks work with 5Dimes?

5Dimes takes your bank's routing number and account number, which can be used to make instant payments. Once this number is acquired, the transfer is then able to be made very quickly to get the player on to betting.

What makes it sure that 5Dimes is safe for betting?

5Dimes is licensed by the government of Costa Rica, and this is one of the most trusted online sportsbooks. 5Dimes utilizes several security measures to ensure that both your identity, and account is not compromised, which are all outlined on the site.

How Long Do withdrawals Take through 5Dimes' Casino?

5Dimes Casino generally processes payouts in 10 business days or less. It primarily depends on the method that the player chooses to withdrawal, whether a check or electronically.

Is 5Dimes legal in all 50 states?

5Dimes operates legally, and players in the U.S. are accepted across all 50 states. This is one of the nice features about 5Dimes, is that all states have the opportunity.