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Legal Online Gambling For Connecticut Residents

Connecticut gamblers will find that the law is not against them, as the legalities of online gambling in Connecticut have not truly been debated by the legislature. The state has had several gambling expansions over the years relating to casinos and sports betting, however, lawmakers in Connecticut have summarily ignored online gambling legislation. Online gambling is a multi-billion dollar industry, with many states moving toward legalizing several forms of online betting. For whatever reason, CT lawmakers have decided to neither regulate the industry nor ban it, leaving the industry in a grey area. We are here to discuss the reality of online gambling, hopefully to give you some insight as to what the games portend for the player.

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Online Gambling Age For Connecticut Residents

The gambling age in Connecticut is fairly standard as far as age requirements go. If you are 18, you will be able to participate in bingo, lottery, horse and dog racing, and also online bingo. If you are 21, you will have every other form of gambling - land casinos, online casinos, live poker, online poker, online sports betting and more.

Connecticut Online Gambling Laws

Right now there is no law in the state of Connecticut related to online gambling. With this lack of laws, online gambling has not actually been criminalized. In our nation, only things that are specifically illegal carry criminal charges, and we have found no evidence that this is the case with online gambling.

Gambling Sites That Accept Connecticut Residents

There are currently dozens of online gambling sites that accept Connecticut residents. Covering everything from sportsbooks to poker rooms, and even bingo halls and casinos. In order to bring our readers a set of trusted, secure gambling sites, we have tested all of them personally to assure quality.

Bovada: Online Casino Play Made Easier With Bovada

Now that you have all these different online betting sites, Bovada has something that makes the site a little better than most. The online casino which includes a live dealer and games like roulette and blackjack. This is what will stand out when it comes to what online sportsbooks have. We all know that you can bet on sports on these online sports betting sites so having an online casino is great will grab many players' attention! Bovada has all kinds of ways to make money and having an online casino is one of them. Make sure when you sign up to check out the online casino because this can only help you increase your bankroll. Make sure you are 18 and older as well. Go To Bovada!


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Connecticut has the highest per capita income in the US. Did you know that thousands of residents also use as their go-to as their betting venue? I think there is a correlation here that goes beyond happenstance. Financially intelligent people know that wagering their money at a sub-standard establishment is out of the question. is the best overall gambling site available right now, which is why the smart Connecticut residents choose it over the rest. fulfills dreams every day with incentives like their 50% Welcome Bonus. If you are a fan of competitive games and events, you will definitely want to take advantage of this. Send in the promo code “SB1000” when you make your first deposit, and you will be eligible to gain up to $1,000 in bonus cash to use on the entire sportsbook. That is what I call a deal worth signing up for! Go To SportsBetting!


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While sports gambling is legal in Connecticut, sports betting is something that is almost only found on the Internet. The state is taking its time on regulating and launching land-based sportsbooks. There are many options for play with these online sportsbooks, as nearly any sport can be wagered on through these options. Be it an NFL game, the MLB or anything else, you will be able to bet at an offshore book. That being said, state-licensed online sportsbooks may also be an option in the future.Online Casinos That Accept Connecticut Residents

Online casinos come in many forms, generally separated by theme, style, and software. The online casinos accepting players from Connecticut primarily utilize the RTG software, which has become the best that the industry has to offer. Most of our casinos use this software, though we have looked into a few other options as well.

Online Sports Betting Sites That Accept Connecticut Residents

Online Poker Sites That Accept Connecticut Residents

Poker players will find that there are many options available online, as the various online poker rooms provide players with a number of different styles of play. If you want to hit the grind or just casually play a few hands for real money, then these online poker rooms will provide you with an easy way to do so.

Online Bingo Sites That Accept Connecticut Players

Bingo fans are not without their own way to play, as online bingo exists to make it easy to play the game. With hundreds of thousands of cards, bonuses to add to your starting bankroll, and 24-hour access, these bingo sites are some of the most impressive gambling sites for casual players.

Is Online Gambling Legal In Connecticut?

With the lack of any laws making it a real crime to gamble online in the state of Connecticut, you do not have to worry about criminal activities related to playing the games. If you decide you want to gamble online, you should not fear arrest as it is currently not a crime to gamble online in the state of Connecticut.

When asking the question “is online gambling legal in Connecticut”, there’s only one place to look. We have combed the gambling laws in the state of Connecticut and found absolutely nothing that even references using the internet to gamble, let alone speaking to the regulation or prohibition of it. As this is the case, we believe online gambling to be legal in Connecticut for residents throughout the state.

Is It Safe To Gamble Online In Connecticut?

Without laws prohibiting online gambling in the state, there is nothing for Connecticut residents to worry about going with online gambling just like when using the land-based options within the state. These online sites give players way more variety than their counterparts plus you don't need to leave your home to enjoy them. If you decide to take your gambling online, please do so at the sites we have listed on this page. We know these sites to be reputable and none are going to just shut down overnight as all are backed by some of the biggest names in the online gambling scene.

Are Online Casinos Legal In Connecticut?

If land-based casinos are not for you, you can simply turn on your computer and begin playing all of the famous games that make casinos enjoyable. With no written law to stop these casinos from going on, players are able to experience all that they have to offer without the risk of trouble.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal In Connecticut?

In the state laws of Connecticut, there is nothing that bans online sports betting. In fact, sports betting is 100% legal in Connecticut, as it was one of the first states to enact legislation when PASPA was being challenged. It is only a matter of time before that state also starts to regulate online sports betting within their borders. For now, offshore sportsbooks operate in a legal grey area, but you will not be charged with criminal infractions for betting on sports over the Internet.

Article: Is online sports betting legal in the USA?

Is Online Poker Legal In Connecticut?

While poker players in some states have to fear the law when it comes to online gambling, Connecticut residents have no such fear. There is no law that has made it illegal for players to play online poker in the state of Connecticut.

Horse Racing Betting Sites That Accept Connecticut Residents

If you live in Connecticut, the best way to find an online horse racing betting site to bet at is by looking for one that accepts all US bettors. Connecticut residents have access to a wealth of horse racing betting opportunities at these books, as they generally offer more wagering opportunities on top of already offering more races to wager on. Online horse racing betting sites are a perfectly legal alternative that Connecticut residents have available to them.

Funding Methods

The top five funding methods available to Connecticut residents are listed below. Credit cards and bitcoin are speedy, and bitcoin has a higher deposit limit. Checks, money orders, and bank wires take a little longer to fund your account – anywhere from 1-5 business days depending on when the book receives the payment – but have high deposit limits. Bank Wires generally don’t have a deposit limit at all.

  • Bitcoin
  • Credit Cards
  • Check
  • Money Order
  • Bank Wire

Connecticut Legal Gambling FAQs

Do Bitcoin Sportsbook Offer Mobile Betting?

It really just depends on which sportsbook you’re using. Most online sportsbooks that accept bitcoin also provide a mobile betting feature. We do know for a fact that the bitcoin sportsbooks on this page have mobile betting sites.

Does The Wire Act Make Sports Betting Illegal?

Simply stated, no, the Wire Act does not make sports betting illegal. This law prevents bookmakers from taking wagers, rather than preventing bettors from laying bets. So under the Wire Act, the only illegal activity is to accept bets placed over a form of telecommunication. This law does prevent bets from crossing state lines, but only if sports betting has not been legalized in both. Either way, it doesn’t have any effect on online, offshore sportsbooks.

What types of games are there At Online Casinos?

Online casinos have everything you’re used to at land-based casinos. You’ll have a selection of slot games, classics and newer games. You’ll also have games like Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, and other popular table games. Most online casinos will also have social games like bingo and keno. Basically, all of the games you love playing in addition to twists on the classics are available 24/7 to you.

Will I go to jail for online gambling in Connecticut?

As we have explained, there is no law that specifically outlaws online gambling. We have never heard of an arrest related to gambling on the Internet, and it is highly doubtful that you will become the first to be clasped in cuffs because of it.

Legal Online Gambling For Colorado Residents

Colorado may not be the first state that comes to mind when you think of gambling, but legal online gambling for Colorado residents is quite popular. In Colorado, you have a few casinos, particularly in the Black Hawk district, but you will be able to find other forms of gambling if you know where to look. The state has a mix of casino lovers, diehard sports fans, and even horse racing aficionados, which is why the internet is the best place to satisfy every type of gambler. Some sites even offer an all-in-one gaming experience, with blackjack, poker, bingo, sports betting, and horse racing betting at the same website. We are here to discuss the legalities of online gambling in Colorado, which should give you some insight as to what is legal and what is not. Coloradans can participate in so many forms of gambling on the Internet that the Black Hawk district can essentially be forgotten.

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Online Gambling Age For Colorado Residents

As with all states, there legal gambling age requirements for gambling in Colorado. If you are 18, you can begin to play a few forms of gaming, specifically bingo, the lottery, and horse racing. You will then have to be 21 in order to enjoy the other forms of gambling in the state, specifically casinos, poker, online casinos, online poker, and the ever-popular online sports betting. If you are under the required age limits, we do not recommend you try to do any of the above as you could find yourself short money and perhaps facing some sort of charges.

Colorado Online Gambling Laws

Online gambling laws are not something most states have written, and Colorado is no different. In Colorado, you will find that the legislature has not actually banned online gambling, so there is little frame of reference for determining whether or not these games are illegal. Provided you follow our advice, you should not have to worry about anything, as they do not mention the Internet, online gambling, or wire communications. CRS §18-10-101(4) is the only law that could be interpreted to cover the internet. There is the odd mention of communicating "gambling information" as it pertains to professional gambling, wagers, betting odds or changes in odds. They made it a point to specifically mention professional gambling, and they have even added a clause for the public dissemination of gambling information when pertinent to a news article. Whether or not you have anything to worry about as a casual gambler is something totally different.

Gambling Sites That Accept Colorado Residents

Residents of Colorado have access to a wide array of different gambling sites. You will find that the options are limited by quality, as we have only taken on the most trusted of all gambling sites. Provided you follow our advice, you will not encounter a dishonest gambling site. In order to remain completely safe, you will want to stick only to the gambling sites we have explored in great detail.

Bovada: Colorado Residents Can Bet On All Major Sports

Bovada is our preferred site for all gambling. We have received the question "is Bovada legal in Colorado?" quite a few times, and we can tell you that it is. As a resident of Colorado, you have nothing to worry about short choosing what kind of gaming you want. Bovada hosts all three - sports betting, casino games and also poker. Bovada has a bonus set for each type of gaming - a 100% match to $1,000 for poker or a 50% to $250 match for casino games and sports betting. Bovada has the RTG software backing their casino, making it one of the better choices available. They accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Cash, which makes it easy enough to fund your account. Bovada is simply one of the best sites for gambling on the Internet, and their 15-year reputation of providing a quality bettint experience is a testament to this. Go To Bovada


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5Dimes: Buy Points And Move The Line On Most Wagers

Colorado is ahead of the curve on most of the nation’s progressions toward true freedom, and now residents can sign up at the best overall gambling site in Colorado. This site, 5Dimes, is simply brilliant. A somewhat plain and ordinary layout hides a massive amount of fun. There is a sportsbook that must be seen to be believed. It is simply bigger and better than the real life ones you will find in casinos. There are also multiple poker rooms playing everything from Texas Hold’em to 7-card Hi/Lo. But that’s not all, you will also find a virtual casino that is jam-packed with extraordinary ‘Vegas-style games.

5Dimes gets all interactive on your butt with a live dealer feature that will make it feel like you are at a real table with a competent dealer. Maximize your pleasure and entertainment with 24-hour action that allows you to chat with fellow players. All that’s missing are the overpriced drinks and the pit bosses looking over your shoulder. For the best in casino, poker, and sports betting action, 5Dimes is the place to be. Go To 5Dimes!


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SportsBetting Sportsbook 50% - $1,000 Poker / Casino Games
BetOnline Sportsbook 50% - $1,000 Poker / Casino Games
5Dimes Sportsbook 50% - $520 Live Dealer Casino
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Aladdin's Gold Casino 200% - $2K No Code Needed
Las Vegas USA Casino 200% - $1K USA1000
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SportsBetting Sportsbook 100% - $1,000 Sports Betting / Casino
BetOnline Sportsbook 100% - $1,000 Sports Betting / Casino

Online Casinos That Accept Colorado Residents

Colorado's casinos have many games, but the online casinos are even more diverse. If you want to play with these online casinos you will have access to every set of game possible. They have table games, slots, video poker and more, with numerous variants of each. You might want to play at Lucky Red for the biggest casino bonuses, or Café Casino for a wider selection of slots. If you decide that these sites are right for you, you will only be met by the best possible online casino experience.

Online Sports Betting Sites That Accept Colorado Residents

Until legalized by the state, sports betting on the Internet is the only way that you will be able to participate in this form of gambling. Online sports betting is exciting and profitable, as there are numerous teams to bet on and multiple wagering options. Bovada is the popular online sports gambling site for Colorado residents, but there are other excellent sportsbooks as well. If you decide to take our advice, you will not be met with anything other than a quality gambling site.

Online Poker Sites That Accept Colorado Residents

Poker players looking to make a buck can do so by turning to the different gambling sites online. If you decide to stick to the sites we have found, you will not have too much trouble building an effective bankroll. Grinding micro stakes to the nosebleeds should be easy enough through our preferred sites, as all of them are trusted, secure poker rooms. Our top two poker sites that accept Colorado residents are BetOnline and SportsBetting.

Online Bingo Sites That Accept Colorado Players

Bingo players are often surprised to learn that they can participate in online gaming action as well, but there are quite a few online bingo sites that accept Colorado players. Even if you are new to online gambling, you will find that you do not have to contend with too much trouble in simply hitting the cards. The best site for online bingo in Colorado is Downtown Bingo, which has plenty of cash prizes, big jackpots, and free giveaways.

Is Online Gambling Legal In Colorado?

Our readers are always asking us is online gambling legal in Colorado, and we have trouble with this question. We want to say that online gambling is legal, but there is a debate about it. While there are laws that unlicensed gambling sites are not legal, the laws may not cover these gambling sites, which are licensed offshore. With the lack of a specific written ban, you do not have to worry much about getting into trouble.

Colorado has a number of laws that dictate how gambling can take place in the state. But none of them extend to online gambling. Because of this, we believe that online gambling is legal in Colorado in all parts of the state. Using licensed online gambling sites that are housed overseas and regulated by gaming commissions is the best option for Colorado gamblers.

Is It Safe For Colorado Residents To Gamble Online?

Since it is not illegal for Colorado gamblers to make bets and play casino games for real money online, it is safe to assume that Colorado residents will not get into trouble for simply gambling over the Internet. In fact, as long as you do not own or operate an illegal online gambling site, or any unlicensed gambling location in Colorado, you do not stand to face any jail time or have to appear in court. If you stick to the approved gambling sites that are legal for Colorado residents, you should have nothing to worry about.

Are Online Casinos Legal In Colorado?

Residents of Colorado should have few worries about being in trouble for playing with an online casino, as these are generally the more versatile gambling sites. If you want to look into these forms of games, you will find that the law is not opposed to gambling. We have found plenty of casinos, and the fact that they accept Coloradans is part of the reason we feel they are legal.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal In Colorado?

In Colorado, you will find that the nearest sportsbook is several states away - in Nevada. This is why players ask us is online sports betting legal in Colorado. If you decide to try these online sportsbooks, you will find that there is nothing written directly into the law that bans you from gambling on the internet. Furthermore, there are no laws that make it unlawful to use offshore sports betting sites to wager on your favorite teams.

Is Online Poker Legal In Colorado?

Living in Colorado means that card rooms are not too far away, but you will find that there are many options in the state outside of the live card rooms. Online poker rooms are not impossible to find, and you will see that you can very easily start gambling if you visit the leading online poker sites. Due to a lack of laws that ban online gambling, there is nothing illegal about entering an online poker room and playing for real money.

Can I Bet On Horse Racing In Colorado?

Yes. Betting on horse racing in Colorado is legal. You can do it at the lone horse racing track in the state, or at the one off-track betting shop. But if you want a full racebook that can offer you everything legally and conveniently, we recommend online horse racing betting sites. These sites allow bettors from all over Colorado to place their wagers on any number of races. Not only are they legally licensed and regulated, they’re also easier to use and have more to offer. What more could you want?

Funding Your Online Gambling Account And Collecting Your Bonus

You’ve probably been reading about all of these online sites and been wondering – how do I get my hands on one of those welcome bonuses? It’s actually quite simple. Everyone is eligible to receive the welcome bonus, as well as any subsequent deposit bonuses that may be available, simply by funding their account. It doesn’t matter if you use a credit card, bitcoin, or another method. Just decide the amount you’d like to deposit, enter the promo code, click submit, and the bonus will instantly be added to whatever you have put into your account. It really is that easy.

Mobile Colorado Gambling Apps

Mobile gambling in Colorado can be done on your phone or tablet so long as you are using a site that has a mobile betting feature. Usually, this means that a corresponding mobile site has been set up so that you can access it no matter what device you’re using. Other times, there is an app you can use. These allow you the same privileges you’d have on your computer, just this time at the tips of your fingers wherever you are. Mobile Colorado gambling is great for anyone who is away from their computer for elongated periods of time – or for people who just prefer to use their phone.

Colorado Gambling FAQ’s

Are Bitcoin Sportsbooks Regulated And Licensed?

The sportsbooks recommended on this page that accept bitcoin are regulated and licensed. While we can’t speak for all bitcoin sportsbooks, we can speak for the ones we review. These sites are regulated by the laws in their countries, laws that have been in place and upheld for decades. They are licensed by the gaming commissions that are put in charge of them. These licenses have to be renewed on a regular basis. To achieve a license, sites are constantly being tested and retested for quality control by gaming commissions.

With PASPA Repealed, Is Sports Betting Legal In Colorado?

With the Supreme Court ruling in Murphy vs. NCAA on the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), the future of legal sports betting in Colorado has changed for the better. With no federal ban on sports betting, the Colorado Legislature could legalize sports gambling at any time. While there have not been any recently introduced sports betting bills, it is likely that Colorado will eventually regulate sports wagering in the state. We will keep residents updated on the legal status of sports betting in Colorado.

If My Horse Is Scratched Is My Bet Canceled?

It depends on what sort of bet you’ve laid. When placing a straight bet on a horse that is scratched (i.e. a win/place/show/across the board bet), the bet is canceled and your stake is returned to you. If you place an exotic wager at a book and a scratched horse is a part of it, your bet is adjusted. Either the scratched horse is removed from the ticket, and your bet is reset to reflect the new number of horses you’re betting on, or the book will replace the scratched horse on your ticket with the chalk horse in the race. Each book has their own way of processing things like this, so it’s in your best interest to read the rules before you place your bet.

Will I go to jail for online gambling in Colorado?

We have never heard of an arrest taking place over online gambling in the state of Colorado, and we can tell you that you will not be the first. No one has been arrested for online gambling in Colorado due to the fact that there is nothing that has made it a crime to play. We have found that you can play these games without any possible criminal complications due to the fact that there has been no ban written specifically into the laws.