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Legal Online Gambling For Idaho Residents

While there are some Native American casinos in Idaho, they don't offer the same diversity that can be found by way of the Internet. This is why we are here to explore legal online gambling for Idaho residents. Gambling interests are just as diverse as the very people that reside in the state, which is why online casinos are so comprehensive. In fact, there are even sites that come complete with a sportsbook, racebook or poker room as well. The key to legal gambling online for Idaho residents in 2021 is to use safe and reputable offshore websites. Equipped with the right knowledge Idahoans can make a quick deposit and have access to 24/7 gaming.

In addition to showing the basic rules and regulations associated with online gambling, you will also find a list of options that you have available. We have attempted to be as comprehensive as possible, as we want our readers to know everything that is important when it comes to legal online gambling for USA players.

SportsBetting Sportsbook

Betting on the Kentucky Derby in Idaho

Kentucky Derby LogoThe Kentucky Derby is one of the most bet on horse racing events every year. For those in the state of Idaho looking to get in on the Derby betting action they are a lot closer to the race than it may seem. Betting on the Greatest Two Minutes in Sports isn’t just an American pastime, as residents of Idaho also love to bet on which thoroughbred will come out on top of the field. There are numerous in-person casinos scattered around the state that will have odds on the Kentucky Derby and bettors will find the most rewarding odds at online sportsbooks that are completely legal for Idahoans to use.

Mobile NFL Betting in Idaho

NFL LogoBetting on the NFL from a mobile device has become more of a norm lately as just about everyone is able to get their hands on a smartphone. Mobile betting has made it possible to bet on the National Football League whether in the field harvesting potatoes or in the comfort of your own home. Mobile betting is placing any wagers from a phone, tablet, or laptop. The convenience of not having to drive to the nearest retail sportsbook in Idaho to place football bets is a major reason why mobile betting has become so popular over the past couple of years. Nonetheless, accessing online sports betting sites through your mobile device can be as simple as downloading an app or visiting the sportsbook through your device’s web browser.

Live NFL Betting in Idaho

Another popular way citizens of Idaho love to bet on the NFL is through live betting. This method of betting allows users to place bets while the game is in play. Compared to the traditional way of betting, In-game betting allows users to possibly hedge any bets they made before the game began as well as getting to feel a flow for a given matchup before placing a wager down on the live odds. Most reputable sportsbooks that accept players from Idaho offer live betting in some capacity and with all the advantages of using in-game betting it’ll only be a matter of time before it becomes one of the most common ways to bet on the NFL in Idaho.

Online Gambling Age For Idaho Residents

The first and perhaps the most important aspect of gambling that you need to be aware of is that of the age limits. You will have to keep in mind that there is a strict 18-year-old age limit in place when it comes to gambling in the state. The same rule applies when betting online, which means you should not sign up for any Idaho gambling site until you are at least 18 years old.

Idaho Online Gambling Laws

Idaho’s online gambling laws are quite confusing, but ultimately it seems as though the wording of the state’s laws and the enforcement of them leaves something of a gray area. The wording of the laws refers to electronic replications of gambling games as prohibited, which would likely rule out online slots, poker and blackjack, for example. However, Idaho’s laws and law enforcement are targeted at the providers of gambling, not the consumers. This means that nobody in the state has been prosecuted for the simple use of an online casino or sportsbook.

Those who decide to play these games online will not have to worry about anything other than fair play. With Idaho’s government more interested in the people providing the games than the people playing them, bettors have nothing to fear in terms of law enforcement at this time. Title 18, Chapter 38 of the Idaho Statutes is where all of the general gambling provisions can be found for those that want to conduct additional research.

Gambling Sites That Accept Idaho Residents

We have decided to show our readers the four major types of gambling sites, as these are the most commonly played. If you are a casino gambler, a poker playing card shark, a sports bettor or even a bingo fanatic, you will find an option for you. Idahoans are not limited to only a few types of gambling, so you will be able to participate in a near limitless set of options.

Bovada: Bovada Casino Has Plenty Of Options

Many fans create their Bovada account and the first thing they do is go look at the sports games that they can bet on. There are always different sports games that you can bet on but with all these other betting options, players can find different ways to earn some cash! The other main option outside of the sports is the online casino feature! This has many games including slots and blackjack and roulette. Also, have to remember they do have the options where you can have a live dealer. With this new feature, this is going to grab more players to join Bovada. This will stick out to most players as most of them will see notice this option soon as they log in! So take a break from wagering on sports games and take a look at the online casino and see how much of a benefit it is! Go To Bovada!


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BetOnline: Mobile Betting For NCAA And NFL

Residents are more interested than ever in casino gaming and sports betting. We attribute that, and many other reasons, as to why so many Idahoans are calling BetOnline the best overall gambling site available right now. The site features an online casino with more than 200 slots and table games, along with a sportsbook that has lines on every major sports market. The BetOnline Poker Room is unbeatable, and horse enthusiasts can also bet the ponies in the racebook.

Joining BetOnline is a snap, and now they are offering a 100% signup bonus to use at the poker tables. If you deposit at least $50 your first time, you will be eligible to participate in the promotion. Email with the code “NEWBOL” in order to receive your bonus. There are also numerous promotions for sports bettors, casino players, and horse bettors as well! Go To BetOnline!


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Online Casinos That Accept Idaho Residents

So, what kind of online casinos are available to Idaho residents? Well, the local tribal casinos do not offer online gambling, which means that Idahoans who do not want to travel to the Indian casinos scattered around the state tend to visit the online casinos. These online casinos for Idaho residents offer a variety of different games, and they are accessible by wagerers inside the state of Idaho. These websites are often located offshore, based in places like Canada or Costa Rica. Despite this, they are reputable websites, and useful for many gamblers across the world, including in Idaho.

Online Sports Betting Sites That Accept Idaho Residents

Idaho’s online sports betting economy is not at all developed by the state, which lags behind in terms of online sports betting. However, there are a lot of sportsbooks still available to wagerers in Idaho by virtue of the online sportsbooks that are located outside of the United States.

Various online sportsbooks are available for you to play the odds on the games, and we can tell you that there are plenty of ways for you to actually get involved in this style of betting without having to leave your home. The online sports betting sites that accept Idaho residents provide the latest betting lines on the biggest football, baseball, and basketball events of the year, as well as odds on sporting events around the world.

Online Poker Sites That Accept Idaho Residents

Poker players who want to take to the virtual felts will find that this option is one of the best. The grind is here for those who wish it, and you will be able to participate in cash games and tournaments alike without having to leave your home. One of the top online poker sites that accept Idaho residents is BetOnline. Look for big bonuses, high payouts, easy access and a diverse set of poker options available for play.

Online Bingo Sites That Accept Idaho Players

Bingo fans can also take to the Internet for their play, and you will find that there are many options available. Whether you want to play for free or for real money, you will be able to do so without any problems. You can hit the bingo cards with no problems, all through some of the most legitimate gambling sites on the Internet. Downtown Bingo is one of the more fun online bingo sites for Idaho residents that want 24/7 access to bingo rooms.

Is Online Gambling Legal In Idaho?

Idaho’s online gambling laws do not specifically mention the internet, but they do restrict the usage of electric or electronic replications of gambling games, a wording that reasonably could be read as including internet based gaming, even if it was likely intended to refer to video poker machines. This means that it is possible that online gambling is prohibited in the state, but as we are not lawyers, we are unable to make a determination, and nothing on this page constitutes legal advice. What we do know is that nobody in the state has been punished for using online sportsbooks or casinos, and that state of affairs seems likely to continue. With the wording of the law being what it is, it’s simply not worth the time of any law enforcement agency to go after someone who’s just placing bets on local teams. That’s why the online casinos and sportsbooks still operate within the state.

Is It Safe To Gamble Online While Living In Idaho?

All U.S. players are safe when it comes to online gambling, not just those who live in Idaho. The state has nothing to stop its residents from using online gambling sites for entertainment purposes and therefore there can be no enforcement of laws that don't exist. So, it is absolutely safe as long as you don't get the bright idea to start an online gambling business of your own. Opening up a gambling establishment in Idaho, without the consent of the state, would be a huge no-no. You'd be opening up all kinds of doors that you don't want to go through so just don't do it! But, if you want to kick back, spin a few slots, play a few hands of poker, or even put a little money on the night's games, you have nothing to fear when living in Idaho.

Are Online Casinos Legal In Idaho?

The legal status of online casinos has been debated, but the state's laws have not actually banned the games that take place. They do refer to the electronic replication of casino games as prohibited, which could reasonably refer to online casinos, even if the law was more likely targeted at video lottery and video poker machines. We know that online casinos still exist in the state, however, and we know that Idaho’s residents make use of them.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal In Idaho?

If you want to bet on sporting events, you should be able to in Idaho. Idaho’s laws regarding sports betting do not refer to the internet, and it’s a bit more of a stretch to argue that online sports betting is an electric reproduction of a casino gambling game, although it could be done. This is a question to ask a lawyer who is familiar with Idaho gambling law. All we know is that online sportsbooks exist in the state and nobody has been punished for using them to the best of our knowledge. This means that you should be able to wager on sports in Idaho with little fear of any reprisal. 

Article: Is online sports betting legal in the USA?

Is Online Poker Legal In Idaho?

Poker fans who are looking for a way to hit the felts will find that the Internet is the great medium through which you can participate. Online poker rooms offer their users one of the most extensive sets of options for making money, be it in a casual sense or to hit the grind.

Online Horse Racing Betting Sites That Are Legal For Idaho Residents To Use

If you live in the state of Idaho and enjoy betting on horse racing events, you should try using an online racebook. Almost all sites that accept US bettors will take Idaho residents. You will be able to bet on individual races taking place in the state, as well as across the country. If you sign up at an online, offshore racebook, you’ll gain access to racing events taking place all over the world. These sites provide more lines and wager types than you’d find at a live racetrack in the state, and more opportunities to bet on races throughout the season. When it comes to legal horse racing betting in Idaho, you can’t go wrong with an online racebook.

Mobile Idaho Gambling

When you’re always on the go, it can be hard to find the time to sit down on your computer and properly shop lines or do your research into the bets you want to place. It can even be hard to find a way to play your favorite casino games. So why tie yourself down and hold yourself back from the true gambling experience when you could easily sign up with a site that has a mobile betting component? Mobile gambling in Idaho can be accessed legally when you are a member of an online gambling website that has a mobile betting feature. This allows you to place all of the bets you’d like from your smartphone or tablet. Now you can legally bet whenever you want from wherever you are.

Idaho Legal Gambling FAQ’s

Why was my credit card declined?

Unfortunately, you may encounter a declined payment every now and then when you use a credit card at an online gambling site. This is because of a federal banking regulation called the UIGEA. This regulation allows banks to decline payments to unfamiliar offshore companies. This ability to decline payments does not make depositing into your account illegal. It just means you need to try a different deposit method. We recommend prepaid cards, as they operate almost identically to credit cards, but they don’t have to be processed by a bank. If you get a reloadable one, you don’t even have to make multiple card purchases, you can just reload as you go. Bitcoin is another popular deposit method and it can also be used for payouts.

Does PASPA make sports betting illegal?

No, PASPA does not make sports betting illegal. In fact, PASPA is no longer an issue as it was repealed by the Supreme Court. On May 14th, 2018, the Court ruled that the federal law was unconstitutional, violating the Tenth Amendment rights of the states. Now, each state can determine how to regulate land-based, online, and/or mobile sports gambling. At this point, Idaho lawmakers have not introduced any sports betting bills.

Is Using an Online Sportsbook Illegal Under The Wire Act?

Using an online sportsbook is not illegal under the Wire Act, so long as you are using an offshore sportsbook. The Wire Act prevents operators of a sportsbook from accepting wagers over telecommunication lines, which does include the internet. But it only applies to sportsbooks that are operated within the United States. As it is written, the Wire Act was meant to prevent sports wagers from crossing state lines. Because of this, it has no authority to dictate the actions of online, offshore sportsbooks. You are not doing anything illegal when using such sports betting sites under the Wire Act.

Will I go to jail for online gambling in Idaho?

The idea of going to jail for online gambling is not something you really need to worry about. Having found no law that bans online gambling in the state, you will not have to worry about getting into any trouble for playing these games. You will not get arrested for online gambling in Idaho.