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Legal Online Gambling For Maine Residents

With the growth of the online gaming industry, many are wondering what this means in relation to legal online gambling for Maine residents. Though gambling expansion has been coming to Maine over the past few years, the government has not come to regulate Internet gambling. Despite the lack of regulation, the legalities of online gambling in Maine have not yet turned this activity into anything criminal. We have found that potential gamblers can play these games without any complications. Regardless of what you are looking for, you will be able to find various options available for our readers. We are going to explore the laws, the options you have available for playing, and even how you can protect yourself when doing so.

Bovada Is Legal

Online Gambling Age For Maine Residents

Prospective gamblers in Maine will have to adhere to certain age restrictions when it comes to gambling. You have to be at least 21 years of age to access casino gaming, poker rooms, and online sportsbooks. You can be 18 for the state's lottery, dog and horse racing, and online bingo. Lastly, you can begin to gamble at live bingo halls at the age of 16.

Maine Online Gambling Laws

The online gambling laws in the state of Maine are simply nonexistent. There are currently no laws directly related to online gambling, so you will not have to contend with the possibility of getting into any form of trouble. Title 17-A, Chapter 39 of the Maine Criminal Code does have various laws pertaining to gambling as a criminal activity, but nowhere in this set of statutes is something that makes it a crime to gamble online. If Maine were to enact internet gaming legislation, sports betting would likely be the first priority. Now that the Supreme Court ruling has overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA), New England sportsbooks are opening across the region. Sports betting legislation is expected to be introduced in 2019, and online gambling is expected to be addressed. In the meantime, offshore online gambling sites continue to be a way to gamble on sports and other games without breaking the law.

Gambling Sites That Accept Maine Residents

There are various gambling sites that accept residents of Maine, and we have tested them extensively in order to find gambling sites that are worth using. Should you decide to stick to the gambling sites we have found, you will be able to play through quite a few different games. Sports betting, poker, casinos, bingo and more can all be found by way of online gambling.

Bovada: One Of The Most Popular Sportsbooks In The world

Even on fishing boats, players can connect online to the best overall gambling site for Maine residents. Bovada serves all the customers in Maine, whether on land or on sea. The online casino features a virtual red room service that delivers virtual lobster while dishing out the best online cardrooms and sportsbooks. This full sportsbook offers betting on all sports, such as the NFL, NCAA, NBA, and NHL. These bets are always 100% legal and safe for bettors. Bovada has been in business for over 20 years providing excellent betting experiences to millions of users all over the world.

Bovada has an online platform for gaming and betting that is legal for residents of the United States. The UIGEA and PASPA only affect those betting sites that reside within the US. Bovada is just over the northern border in Quebec, Canada, and provides a legal and trusted option for betting online. Safe betting is important to the Bovada and security is their number one priority. This online sportsbook takes its security seriously and requires all accounts be verified before payouts to protect its users’ accounts and finances. Go To Bovada!


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Online Casinos That Accept Maine Residents

Casino gamblers who do not wish to wait for a new live casino to open up in Maine will find that they can turn to various online casinos in order to begin playing. Some of the online casinos that accept Maine residents include, Café Casino, and Lucky Red Casino. You will find that the RTG casinos are among the most impressive, and these are the ones we recommend to our users above any other.

Online Sports Betting Sites That Accept Maine Residents

All of the online sports betting sites that accept Maine residents have been around for decades, so you will want to believe us when we say that the sportsbooks we have on our list are some of the most trusted. Bovada, 5Dimes, and BetOnline all feature plenty of betting lines, mobile betting, live odds, and more. Should you decide to take your chances with these betting sites you will be able to play the odds across various games.

Online Poker Sites That Accept Maine Residents

Some of the most competitive poker sites that accept Maine residents include BetOnline and SportsBetting. Both sites feature large online poker rooms that are ideal for players of all experience levels. There are also sizeable deposit bonuses and exclusive promotions for even more poker action. When you want the biggest tournaments and 24/7 poker, join any of the top online poker rooms for Maine residents.

Online Bingo Sites That Accept Maine Players

Bingo halls are fairly common, but our whole goal was to deliver only the best of the best. If you want to play bingo, doing so through trusted and legitimate locations is mandatory. Downtown Bingo is perhaps one of the best online bingo sites that accept Maine players. Players can enter tournaments for big cash prizes and also play progressive jackpots. Our bingo halls are all totally safe, secure, and much more than fair.

Is Online Gambling Legal In Maine?

As regulars in the online gambling community and dilettantes of the law, we have done extensive research into the reality of the legal status of online gambling in Maine. Provided you do not break any other laws, financial or tax laws, in particular, you will not have to worry about being faced with criminal penalties for gambling online.

Maine does not currently have any laws which regulate or restrict the use of online gambling sites. Without these laws in place, it is safe to assume that online gambling in Maine is legal. Residents who enjoy gambling at online casinos, poker rooms, and horse racing betting sites, as well as other forms of online gambling, can rest easy knowing that they are well within their legal rights to do so in the state of Maine.

Is It Safe To Gamble Online In Maine?

Maine residents need not worry when gambling online at the sites we have recommended. We're not trying to load our answer but with nothing stopping Maine residents from gambling online, the only risk is depositing into a rogue online gambling site that could be here today and gone tomorrow. We know that's not the case with the sites we have listed here because they're all tested and have some of the most financially sound backings we've ever seen in the industry. We have relationships with all of these sites and in some cases, we've managed to get exclusive bonuses, see the banner to the right.

Are Online Casinos Legal In Maine?

We have found no evidence that online casinos are a crime in the state of Maine. The lack of any clear-cut law is why we feel that there are online casinos legal in Maine, which make it so you can participate in the games without too much trouble. These casinos operate within the confines of the law, and you will be able to very easily play the games on hand.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal In Maine?

Online sportsbooks are not illegal in Maine, the sites are just unregulated. Since these sportsbooks are licensed offshore, you will not be criminally penalized for wagering on sports through these mediums. Maine could choose to formally legalized and regulate state-licensed sports betting sites, but right now offshore online sportsbooks are both safe and available.

Is Online Poker Legal In Maine?

The online poker industry has taken more heat than nearly any other. If you decide that you wish to take to the virtual felts, you will find that Maine has not made it a crime to do so. Especially considering the fact that this form of gaming is considered a game of skill more than it is a game of chance, you will have nothing to worry about when it comes to playing poker on the Internet.

Online Horse Racing Betting Sites That Accept Maine Residents

If you’re looking for an online horse racing betting site that accepts Maine residents, start looking at offshore racebooks. These international sites allow residents from all fifty states to wager on horse racing events from all over the world. Maine residents will never have more opportunities than they have at an online, offshore racebook. Not only will they have a large selection of lines on races, they’ll also offer a bigger variety of wager types and a higher volume of races to bet on, both in the US and across the world. Bovada, BetOnline, and SportsBetting all offer horse racing betting for Maine residents. These sites are legal, safe, and the best option for horse racing betting enthusiasts who live in Maine.

Deposit Options for Maine Residents

When depositing funds into your online gambling account in Maine, we recommend using bitcoin. This digital currency is the fastest and easiest way to credit your account with the amount you want. Bitcoin is an independent currency, which means that it won’t be subjected to the same restrictions credit cards and bank wire transfers might be. You’ll never have to worry about declined payments from bitcoin.

Bitcoin is also fast – it only takes a few minutes to make a deposit, if that. The only method that comes that close is credit cards, which, as we’ve stated before, can come with problems that are easily avoided when you use bitcoin. On top of being fast, you also have larger deposit limits than almost any other funding method. Players can deposit from $10 to $25,000 depending on the site. You really can’t lose when it comes to depositing with bitcoin. In fact, some gambling sites even add extra money into your account when you bank with bitcoin.

Mobile Gambling Apps In Maine

Mobile gambling is the way to go when you’re always busy and can’t quite find the time to place the bets or play the games you want. With a site that as a mobile betting feature and a site that corresponds to it, you never have to miss out on anything again. You can bet on the game, lay a line on the Kentucky Derby, and even play a few hands of poker while you’re bored on the bus or on your lunch break. There are so many mobile gambling options in Maine.

Maine Gambling FAQ’s

Does Mobile Gambling Work On Apple and Android?

Yes, it does. Mobile gambling sites can be accessed through the browser, which means they’ll work with both operating systems. It’s just one of the many reasons why online gambling sites don’t invest in an app, rather they condense their sites in order to make them accessible through a mobile device. You can still do all of the same things you would on the computer, just a little more handily when you’re on the go.

Is There A Fee For Using My Credit Card?

There are some gambling sites that charge a small percentage fee of up to 9% for using your credit card, but it may be waived on your first deposit. Since most of these sites are located overseas, your bank might choose to add a fee to your credit card statement for making a “purchase” with an international vendor. This does not always occur, but if it does, it is the responsibility of the bettor and not the gambling site to pay this fee. Other than that, you shouldn’t run into anything of that nature, though.

How Old Do I have To Bet To Bet At An Online Racebook?

In Maine, the legal gambling age is 18 when it comes to betting on horse racing. Online racebooks generally require you to be that age as well before you are able to lay money down on a race. Maine residents under the age of 18 should refrain from betting on horses at online racebooks.

Can I Play Poker For Real Money?

Yes, at online poker rooms you can play for real money. These sites allow players to create accounts and then fund those accounts if they so choose. If you don’t want to place any money on the game but still want to pay a few hands, you also have this option as well. You won’t get nearly as much action as when you play for real money, however. Payouts can be requested at any time when playing for real money at online poker rooms.

How Can I Increase My Wager Limits?

When you are betting at a sportsbook that has wagering limits that you want to exceed, you have a couple of options. First, you can contact the book through any of their forms of communication and work with someone to adjust the limits for you. Most books will be happy to do this when asked. If you don’t want to do that, most books will have an option to place the lay the same bet multiple times without limit. While this creates multiple bets on your ticket, it totals out to what the payout would be if you placed a single bet with the same amount you wagered multiple times. Sort of a backdoor way to get what you want.

Will I go to jail for online gambling in Maine?

Mainers frequently question whether or not they risk arrest when it comes to online gambling, but the simple truth is that you do not have to worry about going to jail in the event that you decide to gamble over the Internet. No one has ever been arrested for gambling online in the state of Maine and it is unlikely to happen in the future.