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Legal Online Gambling For North Dakota Residents

Gambling over the Internet is something that is debated fairly frequently in North Dakota. The state of North Dakota has attempted to legalize and regulate commercial casino gambling in the past, but unfortunately, the state legislature has been stopped dead in their tracks every time, as the anti-gambling crowd has effectively prevented these proposed laws from passing. Inconvenient as this is, it does not mean that the legalities of online gambling in North Dakota are not positive. We have done what we can in order to bring our readers a solid selection of legal ND gambling choices. With all the options for gambling on our list, you will not have to worry about any activity limitations or legal complications.

Bovada Is Legal

Online Gambling Age For North Dakota Residents

If you do decide you want to gamble, you will want to keep in mind that you have to adhere to the age requirements, whether you are trying to gamble in a live location or trying to hit the games online. For local gaming in ND, you only have to be 18 to hit the tracks, play the lotto, or play bingo. Those who are 21 years of age or older can play poker, casino games, and enjoy the other amusements at North Dakota’s few tribal casino destinations scattered throughout the state.

However, if you wish to partake of all these activities over the Internet, you only have to be 18, as the state has no say in the matter. Since 18 is the minimum age for customers at offshore sportsbooks and gambling sites, that’s the age to stick to if you go this route. Just remember that if you try to wager underage with these services, you will have your account terminated and your winnings (and deposits) confiscated.

North Dakota Online Gambling Laws

We have looked into the laws of the land, and we have found that North Dakota currently lacks a code of laws related to online gambling. If you are going to play the games, then, you need not fear the law - there is no code that has been written stopping you from gambling over the Internet, provided you use an overseas/offshore solution. If you look at ND’s gambling statutes (Section 12.1-28-01 et seq. of the North Dakota Code), no reference to online or Internet gambling has been listed.

Gambling Sites That Accept North Dakota Residents

Internet gambling opens up near limitless possibilities for gaming, as there are so many types of gambling sites available that you will find virtually no end to the entertainment. Be it a bet on a sporting event, a hand of poker, or a ticket on the ponies, you will find that the options are nearly limitless. We have tested all of these options in order to show our readers where they can legitimately and safely gamble in full compliance of all state and federal laws. Below, you can find our favorite 2021 online gambling websites for North Dakota gamblers.

Bovada: Bettors Win Big With Bovada's Online Casino

Bovada's Online Casino is another place where you can place your money and win big by playing games like blackjack and playing slots. All of this can be done on your phone and it very simple. This bonus feature also is one that gives many promotions as well. So you can win money and some prizes or even more money with those promotions. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to an online casino! There is so much more and you can access all of this once you have an account! Be sure to check out their promotions as well. Go To Bovada!


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SportsBetting: Lifetime Bonuses On All Deposits Made

In North Dakota, it is illegal to go dancing or to a party where dancing is going on. It’s also illegal to wear your shoes to take a nap and to set off fireworks at Devil’s Lake. Would you like to know what is legal in North Dakota? Placing wagers at SportsBetting!

Yep, SportsBetting, which is the best overall gambling site in North Dakota for tens of thousands of daily resident customers, follows all statutes in the US, offering a comfortable, safe gambling environment to all ND bettors and gambling enthusiasts. Because it’s based overseas, SportsBetting is perfectly legal for US players, including those in the Roughrider State. Established in 1991 and operating with the best reputation in the business ever since, it’s hard not to recognize SportsBetting’s legitimacy and long-term legacy.

That said, there is one hard and fast rule at SportsBetting: Wagers can only be placed by bettors who are 18 or older. That is literally the only requirement. Everything else, of course, is equally straightforward and simple. Take payouts, for example. When you win at SportsBetting and you want to collect your cash, all you have to do is request a withdrawal, put in the amount you wish to take out, and then hit the “Request Payout” icon. Bovada cannot legally transfer payments as chargebacks to your credit/debit card, however you can get a check, money order, bank wire transfer, Bitcoin transfer, or altcoin transfer. New North Dakota residents who sign up with SportsBetting today are eligible to receive a welcome bonus worth up to $1000, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Go To SportsBetting!


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1 Bovada 100% Up To $3,000 Read Review 5 Star Rating Visit Bovada
2 Ignition 100% Up To $1,000 5 Star Rating Visit Ignition
3 Slots.lv 500% Up To $5,000 5 Star Rating Visit Slots.lv
4 Cafe Casino 100% Up To $4,000 5 Star Rating Visit Cafe Casino
5 SlotoCash Casino 200% Up To $2,000 5 Star Rating Visit SlotoCash
6 Cherry Jackpot Casino 200% Up To $1,000 5 Star Rating Visit Cherry Jackpot
7 Lucky Red Casino 40% Up To $4,000 5 Star Rating Visit Lucky Red
8 Las Vegas USA 150% Up To $3,000 Read Review 4 Star Rating Visit Las Vegas USA
9 Sun Palace Casino 150% Up To $3,000 Read Review 5 Star Rating Visit Sun Palace
10 CasinoMax 100% Up To $1,000 4 Star Rating Visit CasinoMax
Rank Sportsbook Highlights Rating Visit Site
1 Bovada 50% Up To $250 Read Review 5 Star Rating Visit Bovada
2 BetOnline.ag 50% Up To $1000 5 Star Rating Visit BetOnline.ag
4 SportsBetting.ag 50% Up To $1000 5 Star Rating Visit SportsBetting.ag
5 MyBookie 50% Up To $1000 5 Star Rating Visit MyBookie
6 Xbet 50% Up To $300 5 Star Rating Visit Xbet
Rank Poker Room Highlights Rating Visit Site
1 Bovada 100% Up To $500 Read Review 5 Star Rating Visit Bovada
2 BetOnline.ag 100% Up To $1000 5 Star Rating Visit BetOnline.ag

Online Casinos That Accept North Dakota Residents

Sifting through the different online casinos was fun, but also costly. We have narrowed down the numbers to highlight only the best of the best, as we want our players to have the most fun possible when it comes to gaming. Big money can be won if you know where to look, and the jackpots available through our favored casinos are actually attainable. Losing is still an option, of course, but these are the fairest sites with the highest payouts in the entire industry that accept players based in North Dakota.

Online casinos that are among the best on the internet are sites like Slots.lv, Ignition Casino, and Bovada each of these three provide North Dakota gamblers with a 100% legal platform to gamble on. Whether wanting to play blackjack, craps, or other classic table games that would be found in a land-based casino you can at these three online casinos.

Online Sports Betting Sites That Accept North Dakota Residents

Sports bettors in North Dakota don’t have any land-based options with a retail sportsbook to choose from if looking to bet on their favorite sports teams. This hasn’t stopped many sports bettors residing in North Dakota from legally betting on their favorite sports teams in the NBA, MLB, and NFL. Online sports betting sites in North Dakota like MyBookie, Bovada, and BetOnline have been accepting sports bettors for years, and using these sites has never resulted in anyone being arrested for gambling. If betting from any iPhone or iPad, the trio of online sports betting sites has a mobile-ready platform that brings the entire selection of betting odds to your screens no matter where you are. Even if a sports event has already started the live betting suites at MyBookie, BetOnline, and Bovada allow you to still place wagers, which means it's never too late to place a bet.

Online Poker Sites That Accept North Dakota Residents

If you want to hit the virtual felts, then trust the poker rooms we have found. All of the poker rooms on our site have been tested extensively, as we know that some poker rooms are just not worth using. We can tell you that visiting the wrong poker room can cause you to lose your deposits very quickly, often before you ever even play a game. Stay away from such scams at all costs! Our chosen services, on the other hand, are all legitimate, safe, and easy to use, both for casual players and serious players on the grind alike.

The best online poker sites that accept North Dakota residents are easy to find – just check out the casino sites and sportsbooks listed above. The casino sites specialize in video poker amusements, which are all played for real money. The sports betting sites, however, focus more on live dealer poker against real players, with daily and weekly tourneys for players of all financial means and skill levels.

Online Bingo Sites That Accept North Dakota Players

North Dakotans love bingo and numerous bingo sites accept players from the Peace Garden State. One of the best legal sites to play bingo on if you reside in North Dakota is Bovada. The difference between playing bingo at Bovada offers one of the most diverse experiences an online bingo site can provide. Bovada has 11 different ways for North Dakota gamblers to play bingo and win real money. Starting with 30-ball or 80-ball bingo players have a choice of which style of game they’d like to play. Furthermore, Bovada features two international styles of European and South American bingo for players to indulge in. Even if you’ve never tried one of the bingo games at Bovada you can play for free using the practice play mode.

Is Online Gambling Legal In North Dakota?

Online gambling is legal in North Dakota, and that is why tens of thousands of ND residents use offshore gambling sites every day. When exploring the North Dakota Century Code, there are no laws that explicitly prohibit gambling online. In fact, there is nothing in the entire code that even mentions the Internet at all. While there are many restrictions on land-based gambling in the state, you can rest assured that there has never been an instance of an ND resident getting fined or arrested for using a reputable offshore gambling site.

Online gambling is more convenient and flexible than traditional gambling, plus you have the opportunity to gain greater profits. You can safely place wagers from your home, office, or anywhere else that you prefer via each site’s mobile feature. Trustworthy online gambling sites are operated outside of the US but are licensed to accept players from the US and abroad. Legally, you will not run into any problems when responsibly gambling online through these sites.

Is It Safe To Gamble On The Internet In North Dakota?

Read the local papers, search the bigger news outlets in the state – you're not going to find any news of a North Dakota resident getting into trouble for merely betting on a game, playing online poker, or even sitting down at an online casino to play games for real cash. The point we're making is that online gambling is safe for North Dakota residents when they are doing it for entertainment purposes. Problems arise when someone tries to start their own gambling venture without the consent of the North Dakota state government, not when simply gambling online.

You only need to worry about meeting minimum age requirements (usually 18-plus) to gamble with whatever website you choose, if you choose from the selections we have here. These sites are quality gambling establishments with proven track records for providing fair gaming along with issuing payouts promptly and exactly as requested by the player. All these top offshore gambling sights are safe and sensible solutions for North Dakota gamblers.

Are Online Casinos Legal In North Dakota?

Various casinos are available for players to enjoy online, and the laws have not restricted these games. There is no statute that makes it illegal for players to hit these casinos. If you decide that you want to participate, you will not face any legal penalties for doing so.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal In North Dakota?

While lawmakers in North Dakota have yet to pass any legislation to regulate online sports betting it could be on the horizon. The history of sports betting measures in North Dakota hasn’t been great as two bills failed to pass in 2019 and since then no further legislation has been discussed. However, it is not out of the realm of possibilities that North Dakota launches a regulated online sports betting market soon. Until legal North Dakota online sports betting legislation comes, stick to the sportsbooks we have spotlighted on this webpage as they’re 100% legal and safe for anyone in North Dakota to use without fear of breaking local gambling laws.

Is Online Poker Legal In North Dakota?

Online poker was almost authorized by the ND legislature many moons ago. Back in 2005, they almost succeeded, but the initiative hit several roadblocks and never came to fruition. Whether or not another attempt will be made is up to debate, though the national loosening of federal sports betting restrictions could have a significant effect on the legal statuses of other gambling pastimes going forward. All that said, though the ND law may not authorize online poker at offshore sites, it has to date done nothing to actually ban this style of play. Can you feel it? Hit those felts!

Can I Bet On Horse Racing In ND?

North Dakota residents can bet on horse racing in several different ways. Pari-mutuel and simulcast wagering are both legal in ND, which means you have the right to bet on the ponies at your leisure. There are live horse racing dates where you can go to the track and wager on your favorite horse to win, place, or show. The most convenient way to bet the horses is to use an online racebook. You will find that there are much better odds and more opportunities to win. When you use Bovada Racebook, for example, you can bet straight or exotic wagers and get cash rebates back on your horse bets.

How Do I Deposit Funds Into My Online Gambling Account?

No matter if you’re betting the cards, the horses, or the human sports, you will still deposit funds into your online gambling account the same way. Let’s say that you join BetOnline, a comprehensive gaming site that offers casino, horse racing, poker, and sports betting products. After you have registered, you will visit the cashier page where you can choose from options like Bitcoin, altcoins, credit cards, bank wires, checks, and money orders.

Bitcoin is the fastest deposit method and does not carry any fees. Your funds are guaranteed to be transferred within minutes, and you can start wagering right away. You can typically deposit anywhere from $10 to $25,000 when you opt for Bitcoin, but bank wires offer no maximum deposit amount. We recommend Bitcoin for all players, but high roller gamblers may prefer bank wire transfers.

Do Bitcoin Sportsbooks Offer Mobile Betting Apps?

Bitcoin is already the leading and most convenient digital currency, which is why it only makes sense that gambling sites using this alternative payment mechanism offer a flexible mobile betting platform as well. Mobile betting puts you in control, allowing you to bring your sportsbook wherever the day may take you. You have access to exactly the same features you’d find via your standard desktop computer, including options to fund your account with BTC, put money on your favorite teams, and even request payouts.

The best Bitcoin mobile sports betting sites are user-friendly and are compatible with multiple devices. With Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, and the rest of the top offshore sportsbooks, there is no download required; just visit these sites from your handheld device to access the mobile platform. This means that no matter what kind of mobile you have – whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, Android device, Windows Mobile device, or any other modern handheld smartphone or tablet – you will be able to easily get your bets in anytime, anywhere.

Will I go to jail for online gambling in North Dakota?

Believe it or not, state records indicate that in the last 20 years or so, one person has actually gotten in trouble for an offense indirectly related to online gambling in North Dakota. He was not arrested specifically for gambling online, but rather he was arrested for tax evasion related to his unclaimed winnings. Other than this, no one has ever faced criminal charges for gambling over the Internet in ND. Just remember to pay your taxes, and you will have nothing whatsoever to worry about.