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Legal Online Gambling For Wisconsin Residents

Wisconsin's gambling laws are some of the more confusing, as they have a few different clauses in their legislature that have not been written very clearly. This has caused many people to question the legalities of online gambling in Wisconsin, and we are going to break it down for you so you can have some insight as to what could potentially have legal complications. While we are not attorneys, we have read the legislation and broken it down to give you a better overview of what could potentially cause you problems and what definitely will not.

Online Gambling Age For Wisconsin Residents

Prior to passing along some rules regarding the gambling laws in the state, we looked at the age requirement to gamble under Wisconsin law. In the state of Wisconsin, you only have to reach your 18th birthday. If you are at least 18 years of age, you should have no problem sitting in on any of the games - live or online. The age requirement of 18 is one of the lowest in the nation, which is one of the main advantages to gambling in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Online Gambling Laws

The online gambling laws in the state of Wisconsin are less than accommodating. Unfortunately, the laws have been written in a slightly confusing manner. First off, let's look at one of the definitions written by the legislature. The term "wire communication facility" has been defined as including any device or service that is used in transmitting or communicating information of all kinds by way of wire, cable, microwave, or similar connections. This is a paraphrase, but the way the wording is written indicates that the Internet is also covered by "wire communication facility."

Now, this may seem to indicate that betting over the Internet is illegal in Wisconsin, but it’s actually not, and I will explain why. When it comes to American jurisprudence, the typical approach is that laws must be exclusive, not inclusive. This means that a law must be written to tell you what you cannot do, not what you can do. The default state in the US is thus “legal.” Here’s where the Wisconsin gambling laws fall apart (section 945.02):

“Whoever does any of the following is guilty of a Class B misdemeanor:

  • (1) Makes a bet; or
  • (2) Enters or remains in a gambling place with intent to make a bet, to participate in a lottery, or to play a gambling machine; or
  • (3) Conducts a lottery, or with intent to conduct a lottery, possesses facilities to do so.

In Wisconsin, it is illegal to “make a bet.” But what does it mean to make a bet? Well, “making bets” is something that bookmakers and casino houses do. If you place a wager, you are accepting a bet, not making the bet. Bettors are not bookmakers. WI law is simply saying that unlicensed, black-market bookmakers and casino house operators cannot legally offer their products in the state. That is literally all this means, and this is actually the case in most US states. Very infrequently are individual bettors ever targets of law enforcement, and nobody in WI has ever been arrested or even fined for using online, offshore sportsbooks and casinos, because using these is perfectly legal.

Bovada Is Legal

Gambling Sites That Accept Wisconsin Residents

Residents of Wisconsin will find that there are plenty of gambling sites that will accept you. In fact, there are hundreds of gambling sites out there, and we can tell you that these encompass the whole slew of different choices. Sports betting, poker rooms, casinos, bingo halls, and even Thoroughbred racebooks can be found by way of the Internet.

Having explored these sites, we can tell you that your options are unlimited when it comes to gaming in the state. However, if you want to use only trusted, time-tested companies with whom to place your wagers, then your options are very limited. To that end, only the most trusted 2021 Wisconsin online gambling sites are found on our list, so you will find safe and secure gambling sites - nothing else.

Bovada: Online Casino For The Win!

With all the other sports on vacation, its time for many bettors to take a look at the online casino that Bovada has. This will feel like you are at the casino with a live dealer due to the betting options at the online casino on Bovada. This casino is open to all Bovada users and gives them many chances to earn some cash while the sports seasons are out. There is always a way to make some cash and online casino on Bovadad is one way that you can do that without having to leave your couch. For those who like to sign up make sure that you are the age requirement of 18 and older so you can participate in the fun and the profits that are done at this moment! Go To Bovada!


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BetOnline: Where Else Could You Bet On The Badgers And Play 21

Wisconsin is a hardworking state, known for making quality products such as machinery, automobiles, and furniture. Wisconsin is also famous for its delicious cheese, and it’s one of the US leaders in milk production. After a long day of work, of course, most people just want to relax. You know how I relax? I go to BetOnline, the best overall gambling site in Wisconsin, as voted by both casino players and sports bettors.

There is nothing more relaxing than laying on the couch and winning money. For seasoned sports fans, I doubt BetOnline needs any introduction, as all major sports media outlets mention it constantly. Sports fans can get in on all the betting action for their favorite teams – like the Badgers and the Packers – with one click or swipe on their iPhones or Androids. Poker fans also love BetOnline, as it offers some of the Internet’s best virtual tables and huge cash tournaments! Not into sports or poker? Check out BetOnline’s one-of-a-kind 3D slots with names like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Lost, Rockstar, and Enchanted. You can also enjoy casino classics like craps, roulette, keno, and blackjack.

If you like more bang for your buck, here’s a surprise for you. Get a 50% welcome bonus that can add up to $1000 to your initial deposit. BetOnline’s bonuses aren’t just for new members, either – they also offer bonuses for seasoned players refilling their accounts, and there are plenty of poker bonuses, sportsbook bonuses, and casino bonuses available year-round. BetOnline basically offers you free money on top of all the winnings you will make, just for using their services. Go To BetOnline!


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Latest Legal USA Gambling News


Injuries Mount for Green Bay


Injuries Mount for Green Bay
Green Bay’s offensive line dwindles as injuries mount through Week 3

Online Casinos That Accept Wisconsin Residents

Online casinos make up some of the most diverse of all gambling sites. With over 100 games through most online casinos, the list of options is endless. Each of these casinos operates fairly, as we have made sure to only cover quality sites backed by integrity and long-standing dedication to fair play and customer care. These casinos accept Wisconsin residents aged 18 and up, and they are all 100% legal to use. Online casinos like Bovada,, and Ignition Casino are some of the gambling sites for those in the Badger State to legally gamble whenever they would like as these online casinos are in operation 24/7.

Online Sports Betting Sites That Accept Wisconsin Residents

Sports betting is starting to become one of the most popular ways to gamble on sports in Wisconsin. Since land-based casinos in Wisconsin can’t offer sports betting odds many residents of the Badger State have been turning to online sportsbooks to place their wagers. We have made it our primary goal to find only the most trusted of all sportsbooks, and you should have few problems if any by sticking to our most trusted sites. These include big names like Bovada, SportsBetting, BetOnline, and MyBookie. Between these great sites, you will find every single wager you’ll ever want to place whether it be on the Green Bay Packers or the Milwaukee Bucks legal online sports betting platforms are available to Wisconsin residents.

Online Poker Sites That Accept Wisconsin Residents

Online poker rooms have turned into some of the more profitable of all gambling sites, and you will find that much money can be found by way of the trusted poker rooms we have listed here. Being that online poker rooms provide players with a way to bet against others, and not against the house, this is one of the safer forms of online gambling. As a general rule, casino-centric sites (Lucky Red, etc.) usually don’t offer live-dealer poker against real players, instead going for themed video poker products. These are great fun, but if you want to play against others in real-time, you’ll definitely need to try out the poker rooms at the sportsbooks listed above (Bovada et al.).

Online Bingo Sites That Accept Wisconsin Players

Bovada is one of the best all-around gambling sites available to those in the Badger state. The online bingo games at Bovada are industry-leading with many different variations available to choose from. If wanting to play 30-ball or 80-ball bingo games, you can. With over 11 styles of Bingo available including internationally acclaimed playing styles like American Bingo, South American Bingo, and European Bingo. If not wanting to travel to play bingo in person at casinos in Wisconsin the online bingo room at Bovada can be accessed from any mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.

Is Online Gambling Legal In Wisconsin?

Due to the inherently confusing nature of any piece of legislature, it is tough to decipher this issue, particularly given the way WI laws on the matter are written. We are generally going to lean toward online gambling being legal in Wisconsin, however, but this is definitely a state where you will want to contact a lawyer prior to gaming if you are really uncertain as to whether or not this is legal.

It is understandable that at first glance online gambling could be considered illegal in the state of Wisconsin. However, there have not been any instances of a casual bettor in Wisconsin getting arrested or even fined for gambling online. As we are not legal experts, it is hard to say which direction the law leans toward, but with the general loosening of gambling laws nationwide, it is our opinion that you truly have nothing to worry about by gambling with offshore sportsbooks that serve the Wisconsin area.

When it comes to the legality of online gambling in Wisconsin, you may find it beneficial to further explore the laws and make your own interpretations. In the meantime, we can tell you that the sites we review are legitimate online gambling services that accept US players. All of the gambling websites take players from Wisconsin without issue, and it is up to you if you want to take the associated risks. But hey, that’s what gambling’s all about, right?

Are Online Casinos Legal In Wisconsin?

The online gambling laws in Wisconsin are further confusing when you start breaking things down by the types of gambling. The text of the law could, in theory, be construed as only making online sports betting illegal, which would allow online casinos to continue operating without violating the law. That said, it is our opinion that WI laws concern bookmakers and casino operators, not individual players. Even still, we can only recommend you speak with an attorney if this concerns you in any way.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal In Wisconsin?

Players are always asking us if online sports betting is legal in Wisconsin, and we have not really come up with a definitive answer. By our careful reading, the laws are aimed at service providers, not individual bettors and gamblers. Ultimately, though, we are not lawyers, and you should contact a local attorney if you have any concerns at all. Otherwise, you can simply take your chances, just like hundreds of thousands of WI sports bettors do every day. The numbers are definitely on your side here.

Which Sites Are Best For Packers Betting Odds?

We recommend three sites when it comes to betting on the NFL or on the Green Bay Packers in particular. The first is Bovada. They have more lines available than any other sportsbook when it comes to props and futures, plus they have generous bonuses. Next is, where you can find early betting lines for Packers games and get lifetime bonuses each time you make a deposit. Last but certainly not least is BetOnline, which also offers massive bonuses and always highlights the Packers within their live betting application.

Additionally, these sites all allow you to wager on anything you want, not just the Packers but also teams like the Badgers, Brewers, Bucks or any other franchise/university you follow, US-based and worldwide alike.

Is Online Poker Legal In Wisconsin?

Residents of Wisconsin have turned to online poker for many years, whether it’s technically legal or not. The laws are seemingly against online gambling, and it seems that this includes online poker. Still, these are typically not house-banked games, and as they require tremendous skill, many legal authorities don’t even consider poker to be gambling at all.

Even still, Wisconsin's laws are incredibly vague, and we cannot be sure whether or not a crime will take place solely for drawing some cards, splashing the pot, and hitting the felts. In our book, you should feel free to play online poker as often as you like, as no WI resident has ever been fined or arrested for doing so over the Internet.

Online Racebooks That Accept Wisconsin Residents

There is nothing more exciting than betting on the ponies at an online racebook (short of attending the Kentucky Derby in person, of course). You can wager on your favorite horse without having to leave your home. Or, with mobile horse betting, you can take your racebook with you wherever you go.

Horse enthusiasts can place straight or exotic wagers on the Triple Crown series or any other racing event, graded stakes or otherwise. Horse betting sites feature races from hundreds of different tracks around the globe, so your betting options are endless. Bovada and BetOnline are both currently accepting Wisconsin residents, despite confusing WI gambling laws, and these sites offer some of the most robust racebooks anywhere.

Wisconsin Legal Gambling FAQs

What Are The Deposit Options For Wisconsin Residents?

Wisconsin residents can choose from several reliable deposit options to fund their online gambling accounts. Though specifics such as banking limit, processing speed, and deposit fees may vary by site, there are still a few deposit options that are standard at most sites. The most popular deposit method to use is credit cards. You can use the same Visa or Mastercard that you use for everyday purchases. Credit card deposits are instant – just enter your credit card number and you can start gambling. Depending on your card issuer, there may be an international purchases fee.

While credit cards are the most familiar deposit options, Bitcoin is the deposit method that is the most reliable. You can send Bitcoin from your wallet directly to your gambling account without ever having to enter any banking information. These transactions are also extremely fast, with your account being credited in 10 minutes or less. Another perk of using Bitcoin is that there are no additional processing fees.

Is Online Horse Racing Betting Similar To Betting At The Track?

Online horse racing is quite similar to betting at the track, save the crowds and waiting in line. Naturally, you won’t get the thunderous spectacle of live horse racing, but aside from that, the betting experience is pretty much identical. Online racebooks provide you with the same wagering options that you would find at the track. You can bet win, place, show, exactas, trifectas, superfectas, and even box your bets. Online racebooks will also post the morning lines and many offer live horse racing streams so that you never miss out on the action.

Does BetOnline Offer Mobile Betting?

BetOnline offers mobile betting on all of its gambling products. You can visit BetOnline from your smartphone or tablet to use the mobile sportsbook, mobile racebook, or mobile casino. There is no download required and you will have access to all of the same features as the desktop experience. With the mobile sportsbook, for example, you can still enjoy live betting odds. When you want to make a deposit or request a withdrawal, you can visit your account page just as you would from the desktop site. The BetOnline mobile platform is user-friendly and completely free to use.

Will I go to jail for online gambling in Wisconsin?

To date, we have never heard of an arrest over gambling on the Internet in the state of Wisconsin. While it is unlikely that there will ever be an arrest over online gambling in the state, as this is a difficult action to prosecute, it is still a very, very remote possibility. We do not condone breaking the law, and if you think that online gambling might run afoul of WI’s statutes, please contact a local lawyer.