- Online Gambling Sites That Accept USA Players

Online Gambling Sites Accepting USA Players

Diversity is a universal theme among the online gambling sites that accept USA players in 2024. There are hundreds of sites out there, with every major form of gambling represented online. Some of these sites are all-inclusive, while others only have a limited number of gaming options. With restrictions on online gambling, players had previously been left without some of the more reputable options, but times have changed. Even if there are a plethora of rogue gambling sites out there to chop your dollar, there are more safe, accredited sites than there are dastardly rogue gambling sites out to rip you off.

Each of the gambling locations on our site have been personally tested in order to assure quality and legitimacy. We have looked into each site, played their games, made deposits, tested their bonuses and cashed out where applicable. None of the 2024 gambling sites on our list will ever put you at risk of simply being ripped off just through random theft, so expect nothing less than a fair and legitimate gambling experience each time you join up with these sites.

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Is Online Gambling Legal In the United States?

The legality of an online gambling site for players in the United States is not exactly crystal clear, nor is there a fine line that determines such an instance. With the fact that there are legal ways to USA players to sign up for online gambling sites, combined with some states are making moves towards state-regulated Internet gaming, this answer is as complex as it's ever been before.

Let's start with how things have been for quite some times now. U.S. players can sign up at online betting sites that are located outside of the United States. These gambling sites are legal, because they are not under any jurisdiction for U.S. laws. And at the federal level, the actual placing of a bet online is not made illegal, but rather it's the ways in which an online gambling business operates that is banned under various laws, like the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act.

From there, we mentioned some states that are moving forward with legalized online gambling. This comes most notably from Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware, all of whom have pass state legislation legalizing forms of online gaming. New Jersey is perhaps the most extensive, with all of the Atlantic City casinos able to set up on sites where bettors will be able to play legally. As we move forward into the future, online gambling sites and their legality appears bright, but in large part it could hinge on the success and failures of the states leading the charge.

Online Casinos That Accept USA Players

If you have ever visited something as small as a slot parlor as large as the Bellagio, then you can already know what to expect from these online casinos. They provide a long list of games, including slots and table games alike, with each of them offering their players a set of options that are nearly never ending. If you decide to play with these casinos you will be subjecting yourself to some of the most exciting gaming options online. No choice is a bad choice, provided you stick to those that we recommend.

Outside of the potential for financial gain, online casinos have one major advantage over sport and poker gambling sites in that they are never a focus of the government or the Department of Justice. You will probably never hear of an online casino being shut down or confiscated by the Department of Justice, while this is a fairly common sight for online poker rooms and sportsbooks. Check out our page about legal online casinos that will help you understand more about the legality of playing online or our one about all online casinos that accept USA players for more information.

Directly below, you will find a variety of online casinos which accept players from the United States. Not only that though, we have played and reviewed these sites extensively. Like we mentioned above, like you we want to know which are the best online casino sites out there which accepts U.S. bettors. All of these sites excel in several of the most important aspects of an online casino. Whether it's the fact that they accepts players from the United States, their online casino bonuses, casino deposit methods accepted, customer service, or general reputation among being one of the best, these are the sites that want to visit.

Related Article: Are Online Casinos Legal In The U.S.? Casino Casino has been providing some of the best casino gaming on the market since their creation, and they are still improving. offers the RTG software, which is widely regarded as one of the main brands of software for USA players. will start you off on the right foot if you use the, which activates a 400% match to $4,000 in free cash. has over 100 games, including more than 50 slots. Their jackpots are impressive, table games are more than fair, and the number of gaming options through their casino is always growing.


400% match to $4,000

Aladdin's Gold Casino

Aladdin's GoldCasino also provides their players with an extensive number of games, and they have made it a point to be one of the most giving casinos out there. They offer their players a solid set of bonuses, giving ten 100% bonuses over the first ten deposits. The have a $1,000 limit on each bonus. MasterCard and VISA can be used to access these bonuses.

Aladdin's Goldhas a library over more than 100 games, and each of these are direct copies of some of the best games to ever hit a casino - blackjack, video poker, slots, baccarat and more.


100% bonuses to $1,000

Lucky Red

Lucky Red is a relatively new casino, and they have built off of the expertise of other casinos. They provide a clean cut, straight to the point casino, all backed by some of the best bonuses on the market. They have a welcome package worth up to $3,000 in cash, which is one of the more generous promotions on the market. Start off with the bonus code ELECTRIC400 to collect a 400% match to $1,000.

Among the deposit options available for Lucky Red are by using MasterCard, VISA and wire transfers for their deposit options. With progressive jackpots periodically worth more than $1 million, this is one of the more generous casinos online.


400% - $1,000

Online Sportsbooks That Accept USA Players

Sports betting was once a clandestine form of gambling, but this is not the case. The Internet has brought about easy to use online sportsbooks. American gamblers have access to a number of these sites, with plenty of options available. Each sportsbook at least covers the four major sports - the NHL, NFL, NBA and MLB - but most of them also encompass smaller sports. Backed by bonuses and high security, these sportsbooks offer some of the easiest bets outside of Vegas.

Online sportsbooks sometimes take heat from the government due to the stringent laws pertaining to the sports gambling industry on a whole. While this may never effect you, it is something to keep in mind when looking into legal sports betting. If you join low quality sportsbooks, you may end up losing out on your money. You will probably not get in trouble, but there is no sense taking a risk when it isn't necessary. Either way, all of our online sportsbooks that accept U.S. players are trusted and carry immaculate reputations of quality.

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Bovada Sportsbook

No other sportsbook carries the reputation that Bovada does, as they have made it their goal to be the best of the best. With several years experience under their belt now, this sports betting site has managed to add in some of the best features on the market.

For instance, Bovada has a 50% bonus to all new players making their first deposit, and this offers up to $250 in freeplay with a very low 3x rollover Thanks to promotions like that one. Bovada's site has become one of the most populated, as they offer their users lines on nearly every sport imaginable.

When it comes to getting money into the book, sportsbook deposit methods at Bovada include VISA, and two forms of wire transfers, and each one can access their incredible bonus. With some of the highest paying parlays on the market, Bovada is definitely one of the most generous sports betting sites that currently services the U.S. betting public.


50% - $1,000 BONUS!

BetOnline Sportsbook

BetOnline has one of the most generous betting sites out there, offering favorable odds, high bonuses, and more dime lines than most other sportsbooks. BetOnline offers a number of other advantages, including rebates and refunds in certain instances. Their deposit bonus will match any bonus found on any other competitor's site.

They have several sports betting deposit methods, including VISA, e-checks, person-to-person transactions and bankwires. No other sportsbook offers as many easy deposit methods as BetOnline, so funding your account and accessing their impressive list of sports, including much more than the standards, should never be a problem.


25% - $1,000

For many years has been one of the best sportsbooks on the market. They offer their users a number of different options for betting, including sports and non-sports. They have the MLB, the NBA, the NFL, NHL, NASCAR, MMA and many more. offers frequent bonuses and promotions, including bonsues every Tuesday and Thursday.

They offer a 25% match to $900 on your first deposit, which can be collected by way of VISA, MasterCard, American Express and wire transfer deposits. is easily one of the best options out there, and we can assure you that they will never do you wrong nor get shut down.


50% - $500

Online Poker Rooms That Accept USA Players

Online poker's popularity has exploded since 2003. Some people are capable of growing incredibly wealthy by way of online poker, and you could be the next one to do so if you are talented enough to play the game. Online poker players have been left in limbo due to the U.S. Government taking a very active stand against these poker rooms, and we are here to show you a few places to play that you will probably have to worry about being removed from operation. Only the best and most trusted poker rooms make it past our testing. See more about legal online poker here.

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BetOnline Poker Room

BetOnline poker provides players with a location for some easy gaming. We have found that they offer their users some serious perks, including a huge bonus. A 25% match to $1,000 can be found through BetOnline poker, and you will be able to use most of this promotion as soon as you sign up. Through BetOnline poker you will be able to play hold 'em, Omaha, stud and more, all with a variety of stakes and sizes. BetOnline's gaming site is easily one of the best on the market, and their poker room is no different. Out of all of the USA accepted gambling sites, BetOnline is simply one of the most trusted.


25% - $1,000

FAQ's About Online Gambling Sites Accepting USA Players

1) Are online gambling sites safe?

From the perspective of the offshore online gambling sites, the majority of them are very safe and highly regulated. We can't say that is 100 percent true for all of them, but the sites that we review have a fantastic reputation of customer service.

2) I've been hearing about the seizure of online gambling sites. How could this affect me?

You will probably just have to wait for your winnings if the site you happen to be playing at is seized. However, as it stands now that has already taken place, and provided that you play at these sites that we mention, it should not be an issue.

3) If my gambling site has both poker and casino games, do I have to have two separate accounts?

No. You can use one account to play all of their games. Once you sign up for an account, that is your account to play no matter which section of the betting site you choose to play at. If you feel like playing poker one day and then wagering roulette the next in the casino, that is perfectly fine. In fact, the betting site would love that!

4) My credit card was rejected. How can I deposit now?

If your gambling site only accepts credit cards and none of your cards will work, then you will have to contact their customer service department and hope they have an alternative. If that proves to be unsuccessful, then you might have to seek out a different gambling site that has other options, or where your card might go through.

5) What security measures are in place to protect my identity?

All of the information you transfer to the casino is encrypted, and all information you give them is stored offline. Security is a very important issue for online gambling sites, because of the fact that they deal in large part with people's finances, including bank accounts, routing numbers and more.

6) Do I have to accept a bonus or can I decline it?

You are fully entitled to decline any sportsbook deposit bonus you do not what to play with. The bonus is merely an option that is offered to entice the player to go with a gambling site. By no means is the player required to take it by choosing to go with a specific online gambling site.

7) What makes these site accepted in the USA?

Essentially it is up to the companies that operate the casinos to choose whether or not they wish to accept American gamblers. Their licensing agreements may allow them or prohibit them to take USA players. Outside of that though, the fact that these online gambling sites operate offshore, allows them the option to accept U.S. players. If they can, in most cases they will because they know a need is not being met.

8) How do I know these gambling sites are legitimate?

We have tested them all in order to assure that money can be won. These gambling sites will definitely be paying. Not only do we review these sites, we play at them as well. In addition to that, these sites are regulated by independent third parties, and with the industry so competitive, they are held to a high standard.

9) How long do deposits take to process?

Deposits are generally instantaneous, especially with credit cards, but some other methods could take a little longer to process. It all depends on the method that you choose to deposit. The electronic methods of deposit will go through very quick, usually within a couple of hours. However, there can be other methods that can take longer. Every gambling site can be different though.

10) How can I get my money out of my account?

You will generally have to submit a verification form in order to cash in your winnings, which is done through the withdrawal request from customer service. Not every online gambling site will have the same methods or timeframe for a payout. It depends on the payout type as to how long you can expect to receive your winnings. Anywhere from a couple of days upward to four weeks could be the time.