- news - NASCAR Now Racing Towards Sports Betting With Official Gambling Rules

NASCAR Now Racing Towards Sports Betting With Official Gambling Rules

NASCAR Now Racing Towards Sports Betting With Official Gambling Rules

While other pro sports leagues have been hesitant to hop on board the new wave of sports betting in America, NASCAR has fully embraced it and has built new procedures because of it.

The NBA and the MLB have been notorious in trying to get state lawmakers to enact an integrity fee on top of any legal sports bets made on their events, but NASCAR has built integrity measures for this season without the need for an additional fee.

NASCAR and Sportrader teamed up to form policies for drivers, crew members, and team owners. The minimum penalties for violating those policies can include indefinite suspension, termination, and/or a fine of $150,000-$200,000.

These new rules come in the wake of Dover International Speedway in Delaware offering an onsite betting kiosk at one of their races. While other tracks may want to follow suit, the new rules would affect anyone wanting to place an in-person wager.

How Do The New Rules Affect Bettors

One important rule that has been put into effect is that the winner of each race will be subject to a 90-minute inspection of their vehicle to make sure that no cheating was involved with the victory.

This means that those who bet on the race in-person would potentially have to wait over an hour just to be able to cash in on their bet. NASCAR races usually last around three hours already so this may be a reason for people not to bet at all.

As for folks who work in NASCAR, they are allowed to participate in fantasy games that involve races. However, they are not allowed to receive a prize worth over $250.

How Much Are Auto-Racing Bets Worth?

When it comes to sports betting, traditional team sports such as football, baseball, and basketball usually draw the highest numbers. Judging by just the number of auto-racing bets placed in Delaware, NASCAR has a long way to go to catch up.

Full-scale sports betting began in June of last year for Delaware. Since then, less than 1% of bets have been on auto-racing events.

However, NASCAR is more of a regional sport and has a greater fanbase in the Southeast. As southern states begin to legalize sports betting auto-racing, in general, could have a greater number of bets and ultimately draw higher viewership.

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