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Legal Online Gambling For Vermont Residents

Though Vermont has an extremely limited number of options for gambling, you will find that there are still ways to bet legally over the Internet. Vermont does not have any commercial casinos, tribal casinos, or racetracks, and maintains its status as one of the least-gambler-friendly states in the country. The legalities of online gambling in Vermont in 2021 are what we are here to discuss, and we can tell you that you will have no problems actually playing the casino games and placing sports wagers over the Internet if you use certain international betting sites. These sites are based outside of the US, and are able to serve Vermont customers without legal issues. This page will go over the full landscape of legal online gambling in VT, as well as give some insight to the possible future of legal online betting in Vermont. We have gone the extra mile to show our readers where they can gamble, the age limits that are in place, and the different rules regarding using these offshore websites.

NFL Betting In Vermont

NFL LogoThe NFL is the biggest betting draw of any major sport, and folks in Vermont are looking for the best place to place their bets. Every year, as the NFL season kicks off, bettors get set up and ready to make some money on the NFL via the international online sportsbooks. Even if there are no fans in the stands, there will be fans all over that will be watching and betting on their favorite teams. The international online sportsbooks we feature on our page are fully legal, and have all the NFL odds any bettor would need. Vermont has no NFL team but still has plenty of NFL fans looking for a way to bet on the league. Websites like Bovada, BetOnline, MyBookie, and more have all the necessary features like mobile betting, live betting, and prop builders to get you in the action.

Bovada Is Legal

Online Gambling Age For Vermont Residents

Should you want to gamble in Vermont at a lottery terminal or in a bingo hall, you will have to be at least 18 years old. Typically, other gambling amusements, like playing in a casino or betting on sports, requires customers to be 21, but in VT, there are no such activities at land-based, in-state venues. As such, you will have to do all that over the Internet.

Fortunately, the age requirement at all the top casino sites and sportsbooks is also just 18, allowing VT gamblers to partake of the games and learn the ropes the moment they become adults. Just remember to never sign up for any online gambling site if you are younger than 18, as this violates their terms of service and will result in the banning of your account and the forfeiture of all your associated deposits and winnings.

Vermont Online Gambling Laws

Vermont has some of the strictest gambling laws in the country, and does not have any form of casino gambling or sports betting located anywhere in the state. There are social casinos available online, but these are not played with any real money. Instead, bettors in the state get their action via online betting sites. The laws of gambling in Vermont have not actually said anything about online gambling. In Title 13, Chapter 51 of the Vermont Statutes, you will find all of the laws pertaining to gambling in the state. As you can see, there is nothing about using the Internet to place wagers or play casino-style games.  As a legal result, VT residents will not have to worry about anything other than the games at their disposal. If you decide you want to play the games online, you will be able to participate without any problems.

Gambling Sites That Accept Vermont Residents

Vermont residents have access to all types of gambling, provided they stick to legal online options. Sure, folks in VT could leg it down the coast to gamble in various hotspots, but most people have neither the time nor the money to burn on such travel just to take part in a few games of chance. Fortunately, the Internet is a fine solution. Whether it is something as simple and engrossing as an online casino replete with slots and table games or something more complicated like a full-blown sportsbook, you will find all of this and much more by way of the Internet. Should you decide to look into the betting sites we recommend, we can assure you that only the highest quality gambling sites are found on our list.

Bovada - Vermont Betting's Best Method

Bovada is one of the most underrated online sportsbooks out there. This sports betting site gives you many ways to add more money to your bank account and many players are capitalizing on it! Now that sports go in offseason, the online casino is the move for most players and making money at home from a casino sounds so easy. You are basically at a local casino except you are at home. Life can't get any easier for Vermont bettors who can access online gamlbing sites. Oh, and by the way, there are promotions that you will be able to collect and earn more coins for your bank account. Many different options Bovada is one of the best sportsbooks out there! Go To Bovada!


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SportsBetting: Simply Put - One Of The Top Sportsbooks Worldwide

One day, I was hanging out with my friend Stephanie at her mother’s house, and while we were watching a movie, I noticed her mom playing this really cute game called Enchanted on her iPhone. It was a slots game. I had never played a slots game before, so Karen (Steph’s mom) let me play a few rounds on her phone, and I won! I’ve been hooked ever since. Of course, I was skeptical at first, but as Karen said, “Even women like to gamble.” That day, I signed up for free on SportsBetting. I even got a $1000 welcome bonus for my first deposit, and Karen received a 200% cash bonus for turning me on to the site, thanks to SportsBetting’s refer-a-friend program.

It’s totally legal to play casino games, card games, and bet on sports at SportsBetting. The site complies with all federal laws, so you don’t have to worry about doing anything unlawful by using this site. I can say that I haven’t ever really paid attention to sports before now, but with SportsBetting, I decided to give it a try. I even placed a bet on the FIFA Women’s World Cup. They also have poker, and thanks to their personalized preferences, beginners are always welcome and able to learn the ropes quickly. I encourage all you Vermont ladies – and gentlemen! – to try out SportsBetting for themselves. Go To SportsBetting!


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8 Las Vegas USA 150% Up To $3,000 Read Review 4 Star Rating Visit Las Vegas USA
9 Sun Palace Casino 150% Up To $3,000 Read Review 5 Star Rating Visit Sun Palace
10 CasinoMax 100% Up To $1,000 4 Star Rating Visit CasinoMax
Rank Sportsbook Highlights Rating Visit Site
1 Bovada 50% Up To $250 Read Review 5 Star Rating Visit Bovada
2 50% Up To $1000 5 Star Rating Visit
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5 MyBookie 50% Up To $1000 5 Star Rating Visit MyBookie
6 Xbet 50% Up To $300 5 Star Rating Visit Xbet
Rank Poker Room Highlights Rating Visit Site
1 Bovada 100% Up To $500 Read Review 5 Star Rating Visit Bovada
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Online Casinos That Accept Vermont Residents

Various online casinos are readily available to residents of the Green Mountain State. If you decide to look into the casinos we have found, you should not have too much trouble actually building a sizable bankroll. In the event that you choose to gamble with the sites we have to show you, you will be able to access some of the highest-paying jackpots, some of the easiest deposits, and the absolute largest selection of casino table games imaginable.

The top online casinos that accept Vermont residents are the usual bunch, with destinations like Lucky Red,, Aladdin’s Gold, BuzzLuck, Old Havana, Manhattan Slots, High Noon Casino, and more. These sites are all legal to use, and they each focus on all the classic, traditional, and contemporary table games that you expect.

Online Sports Betting Sites That Accept Vermont Residents

Even with Vermont not yet open to the idea of state-sponsored sports betting, you will find that there are various international sportsbooks that serve VT bettors without issue. Some sportsbooks are of low quality, and you definitely want to steer clear of these. However, there are a handful of truly excellent, reliable, and reputable services available for legally betting on sports over the Internet in Vermont. Most major national and international sports can be found by way of these betting sites, and we can tell you that the options are nearly limitless. If you decide you want to partake, know that each of these sports wagering destinations is totally safe, secure, and legitimate.

The best of these sportsbook services are sites like Bovada, SportsBetting, BetOnline, MyBookie, and XBet. Between them, these brands have been providing legal sports wagering to VT residents for over 100 years, and they are all free to join. As an added bonus, each of these sports betting sites also offers a full-fledged casino, live dealer poker games and tournaments, and even comprehensive racebooks for fans of the ponies.

Online Poker Sites That Accept Vermont Residents

Poker players will find that online poker rooms provide players with easy access to major forms of poker. The poker rooms we frequent are some of the most complete, and we can tell you that serious cash can be won by way of these sites. For true multiplayer poker with live dealer options, you should stick with the poker sections of the sportsbooks mentioned above (Bovada, BetOnline, etc.). However, if video poker is more your speed, you will get the most options at dedicated casino sites like Lucky Red and the other aforementioned casino-based destinations.

Online Bingo Sites That Accept Vermont Players

If you decide to join up with the bingo halls we recommend, you will be able to earn real money. Should you decide to join in on these bingo halls, you will have no problems hitting the cards and winning some cash. Though we cannot promise victory (it is gambling, after all), we can assure you that the money is readily at hand if you are lucky enough to win, and that payouts are always guaranteed. The best “all-in-one” gambling site that offers a dedicated bingo section is 5Dimes, but for a hardcore, all-bingo experience, you’ll want to sign up with Downtown Bingo and take advantage of their massive selection of daily deposit bonuses.

Is Online Gambling Legal In Vermont?

Gambling enthusiasts in the state of Vermont will be happy to know that there are no laws that prevent the use of the internet to bet. While there are no physical betting venues around, Vermont lawmakers have not yet addressed online gambling in the state. Their laws all pertain to land-based locations, laying out guidelines and regulatory measures. Without any such laws for online gambling, the best legal option for online gambling in Vermont is an online, international gambling site. These sites are licensed by the countries they are located in and have gaming commissions overseeing all of their operations. These are the best options for legal online gambling in Vermont.

Where Is It Safe For Vermont Residents To Gamble Online?

Residents of Vermont who wish to gamble online can take solace in any of the sites we've provided on this page. Our recommendations are not just random sites we have thrown up here, of course. These are the sites we actually use and trust. We know these sites survive by their reputations, and they're not going to compromise what they've built just to keep from paying out a few thousand bucks to a winning player.

Indeed, payouts and financial security are two things you’ll never have to stress about at these sites. They all pay out in a timely manner and will walk you through the deposit and withdrawal options available to you. Furthermore, using these sites guarantees that no one will show up knocking at your door asking questions about how much you love your kneecaps and value your pinky fingers!

Are Online Casinos Legal In Vermont?

Vermont residents will find that online casinos have not been criminalized in the state. Since you will not have to contend with criminal charges solely for playing these games or placing sports wagers over the Internet, we can assure you that big fun can come from these options. With the statutes laid out as they are, regulation of these games has not yet happened, either.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal In Vermont?

Sports betting has also not been criminalized in the state of Vermont. The state's laws are actually fairly friendly for online sports gamblers, and you will not have to worry about anything other than playing the odds. While you will want to be fairly knowledgeable when it comes to sports, you don’t need to be an expert to make an informed wager and win big.

As a side note, even though offshore sportsbooks are your only option for the time being, it is conceivable that, in the future, VT will have in-state sportsbook options at actual physical and online venues. That’s because the Supreme Court overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) in May 2018, formally allowing all states to create their own sports wagering rules and regulations as they see fit. There has been no movement in the VT legislature to institute sports betting in the state just yet, but several nearby states have already taken the initiative to do just that, and VT may not be far behind.

Is Online Poker Legal In Vermont?

Residents of Vermont are able to play online poker without any problems. Online poker has not been criminalized by the state, so should you decide to partake, you will not face any trouble stemming from the law. Online poker is one of the safest forms of gaming, as it is generally assumed to be a game of skill rather than chance, and therefore not a crime even in states that explicitly ban “online gaming.”

Where Can I Bet On Horse Racing Betting In Vermont?

In Vermont, pari-mutuel wagering is legal. But there are no race tracks in the state, and there are thus no horse races. Even more amusingly, there are no facilities where you can actually place these legal pari-mutuel wagers. As such, residents who wish to engage in betting the horses have no local options. You can cross state lines and go into either New Hampshire or New York and bet on races there, or you can save yourself all that time and effort by logging on to a legal online racebook.

These online horse racing betting sites bring you action from almost every track in the US. Some even bring you lines for races taking place in other countries. You’ll have all of the wager types you love in addition to individual matchups, horse racing futures and props, and so much more. Using an online racebook just gives you so many more options when it comes to betting on horse racing. The best online racebooks are those featured at the top sportsbooks mentioned above, like Bovada, BetOnline, 5Dimes, etc.

Funding Your Legal Online Gambling Account

When funding your legal online gambling account, you should consider what’s more important to you – a quick deposit or one that allows you to deposit a large sum all at once. If speed is what you’re looking for, we recommend credit cards. These little squares of plastic allow you to fund your account in seconds. It’s just like making a purchase from any online retailer.

If you’re looking for a method that has the highest possible deposit ceiling or doesn’t have a limit at all, we recommend bank wire transfers. These take a few days to process, so they’re definitely not your speediest option, but they almost never have a limit. When they do, it’s usually in the $20,000 range.

If you want both speed and a high deposit limit, look to Bitcoin. This digital currency may seem intimidating, but it’s actually pretty simple to use. All you have to do is create a Bitcoin wallet and then use the associated address to fund your gambling account. Most sites have a tutorial that you can follow in order to make sure you know exactly what you’re doing when it comes to depositing with Bitcoin. It takes mere minutes for the transaction to credit your account and usually has a deposit limit up to $25,000.

Vermont Legal Gambling FAQ’s

Should I have more than one Sportsbook account?

It is our opinion that you should definitely have more than one sportsbook account. Having multiple accounts comes with a number of advantages. You have more sports to bet on, for one. You also get a chance to shop odds, giving you the best possible payout on any given game.

Having multiple sportsbooks means you can transfer funds from one to the other very easily. You get access to bonuses from both, as well. Having more than one sportsbook gives you the chance to choose what lines you want specifically and what wager types you want to use to bet on that line. You basically get everything your way when you have multiple accounts.

Can I make bets on my phone?

Yes, most gambling sites have mobile betting features. All of the sites on this page have mobile betting sites, which are condensed versions of their websites. You’ll be able to do everything you would on the computer from your phone, and you don’t have to worry about it not being compatible with the device you’re using. It’s browser-based, so it works on everything, including iPhones, iPads, Android devices, Windows Mobile devices, Amazon Fire tablets, and more. If your mobile has a modern browser, you will be able to access all your favorite gambling sites and manage your accounts with ease.

Do I Need to download anything to gamble from my tablet?

No, you do not have to download anything to gamble from your tablet. The best part about online gambling sites having corresponding mobile sites is that they are download free. You can access everything from your browser, no matter what operating system your tablet runs on.

Will I go to jail for online gambling in Vermont?

Having looked through every county's court records and many arrest records, we have not found any arrest based on online gambling. If you are going to gamble on the Internet, you will not have to worry about this. There is no law that could be used to prosecute you, so this is not something you have to be afraid of when it comes to online gambling in Vermont.s